Free Radio Weekly # 637 04/25/08

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly # 637 04/25/08

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FREE RADIO WEEKLY #637, April 25, 2008
Covering Free Radio activity from April 19 to 25, 2008

EDITORS: Bill Finn []
Ed Kusalik []
Ed Insinger []
Greg Majewski []
Harold Frodge []

WEEKLY DEADLINE: Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)
Editor for this issue: Bill Finn

Editor for 638: Greg
Editor for 639: Ed K
Editor for 640: Ed I
Editor for 641: Greg
Editor for 642: Bill (May 31)
Editor for 643: Harold (June 7)
Editor for 644: Harold
Editor for 645: Ed K
Editor for 646: Ed I
then, followed by the normal rotation of Greg, Bill, Harold, Ed K, and Ed I.

ALL EDITORS (Bill, Ed, Greg, and Harold). THANK-YOU!**

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the hobby
of listening to hobby pirates and distributed free to those who contribute.


Please QSL and think good thoughts about our contributors, without who,
there is no newsletter:

Ragnar Danskjold:
* Al Fansome: Somewhere in South Central PA
* Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland, MI 48642
* William Hassig, 102 north Russel st. Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-2443
* Ed K
* Greg Majewski: 1176 Route 163, Oakdale CT 06370
* Joe Wood: 5620 Evergreen Farms Lane Greenback TN 37742
* Andrew Yoder, POB 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
* George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44111

Time, all times are UTC

Captain Morgan 6924.8u 4/23/8 2:23 sio444 clips of Hendrix "Hey Joe",
"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer", "Three More Bottles of Beer",
TZ theme at 02:35 (Fansome, PA)

CAPTAIN MORGAN: 6924.80-85/U, 0207-0239:13*, 23-Apr; Pop tunes segments
& Twilight Zone theme; off w/o anmts. SIO=454, drifting down freq. ID
per Al Fansome log--no anmts 0207-s/off. (Frodge-MI)

Conelrad Radio
Conelrad Radio 6925.10 4/21/8 00:55 sio222, very noisy

0045 - Air Raid Siren, ConelRad ID
0046 - Oldies music
0048 ConelRad ID Again.
0052 - Fujiama Mama
0054 - Air Raid Siren
0055 closing ID, off?

SIO 323 Central FL, heard via Internet feed (Fansome, PA)
{Editors note: Al this seems like cheating. But since you send in so many
loggings, I'm going to let this one slide.}

MAC,6850.82am,4-20-08,0058utc,fair/good some static, various TV themes
incl Batman, Green Hornet, Get Smart, etc. (Hassig-IL)

MashUp Radio
Mashup Radio 6925l 4/19/8 23:23 sio434, "Ghostbusters/Bad", ID and
then off (Fansome, PA)

Northwoods Radio
Northwoods Radio 6925u 4/25/8 23:58 sio433, show dedicated to the band
Bomb, interview
with a band member, music by Bomb, quite a bit of fading, and OTHR, ID
by Michael W.
Dean of the band! very impressive, and a good show (Fansome, PA)

Radio Madness
Radio Madness: 6925U, 4/22, 0140 Here with long guitar-hero metal,
although I didn't know
the songs. Strong for about 10-20 min, but the signal faded quick.
Heard 1 break between
songs where there were about 3-4 clear IDs. I have a recording if the
op is interested

Sycho Radio
Sycko and Uncle Bob 6925u 4/19/8 00:53 sio322, very noisy, Uncle Bob playing
the record backwards, with Sycko trying to explain it to him, Uncle Bob
complaining that the music is too loud, and still looking for his tube
(Fansome, PA)

6925U PIRATE, Sycko Radio. 0049-0109. Sycko and Uncle Bob with mx by Robert
Plant, Kiss, and others. Several ID's. Most of the mx was unreadable as were
Uncle Bob's comments. Sycko was coming in better. P-F. (Wood, TN).

Uncle Bob/Sycko Radio
6925U 4/19 0140-0208+ a long show with rock music like Proud Mary,
Turn up the radio and
Pink Floyd tune. Started with Uncle Bob saying upper sidebander
vertical 5/8 wave
followed by Sycko saying check, check one, two. Also there was a female saying
Music International Shortwave.
Uncle Bob is still looking for his medicine. Sycko also id. A bit
confusing. (Majewski CT)

The Crystal Ship
The Crystal Ship- 5385.5 AM 2353-0152+ 4/20-21/08 SIO=343/242-. Prgm of rock
w/some mx by The Doors, but over a dozen selections were various classic rock
tunes by The Who. During the latter portion of the prgm they had their usual
political commentary on issues of the day from a left wing perspective.
OM IDs used their usual slogan of the V. of the Blue States Republic.
IDs by a YL had a different slogan of "this is pirate radio." Ancd
a // xmtr on 6700 kHz, but 6700 produced little here other than a weak het.
Fair to good signal on 5385.5, with some fading down at times.
Gave Belfast addr. (Zeller-OH)

The Wave
The Wave 6925.2 4/19/8 22:21 sio232, "Riders on the Storm", id somewhat lost
in the noise, "I'm Your Captain", positive id at 22:35, other related music
follows (Fansome, PA)

The Wave- 6925U 2219-2242* 4/19/08 SIO=141. A new one for me. Prgm of
rock mx such as "Ride Captain Ride," and new age mx. Very weak signal,
and thus copy was difficult. Hrd no addr ancd. (Zeller-OH)

The Wave- 6925U 2337-2349* 4/19/08 SIO-242. Repeat of 2219 4/19 prgm,
with a better level this time. Still hrd no addr ancd. (Zeller-OH)

The Wave
6925U 4/19 2234-2242* Fair signal Pop music with ID as "The Wave".
(Majewski CT)
6925U 4/19 2252-2300 More of the The Wave with Elvis Costello
(Radio), REM and others.
There was AM station underneath The Wave. (Majewski CT)
6925U 4/19 2345-2350* Excellent signal this time. Music by Cross,
Stills, Nash
(Southern Cross) and the Waterboys (Fisherman Blues). (Majewski CT)

The Wave: 6925U, 4/19, 2230+ SIO:444 Good signal with the pirate song
(not sure who did this, but I've heard it a few times now on different
At least one clear ID. I have a recording if the op'd like to hear it.
Please QSL...(Yoder,PA)

Voice of Prozac: 6955, 4/19, 2030* SIO:344 Just caught the end of the
show with repeated
IDs and the address Thanks to stn op for help
with the ID & the
"" part of the e-mail! (Yoder,PA)

WHYP 6925u 4/20/8 00:11 sio222, very hard to make out an id but someone in IRC
got it, parody of "Baby You Can Drive My Car", other music, "Radio Three" id
(Fansome, PA)

WOLVERINE RADIO: 6925.0/U, *0248:14-0258*, 23-Apr; 4 oldies ID & off.
SIO=3+44, rattatat bursts @0255+ (Frodge-MI)

WTCR,6925usb,4-20-08,0055-0132, good some static, 70's soft rock, 60's
motown rock,
Stones: (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction, song: Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man, qsl
via box 1, Belfast NY. (Hassig-IL)

WTCR- 6925U *0030-0132* 4/20/08 SIO=242. S/on as usual with the 20th Century
Fox movie trumpet fanfare. Prgm of oldies rock and classic rock w/ Niel Young,
Beatles, Kinks, and other oldies mx such as "Mustang Sally." Ancd as
"20th Century R., your source of music from the 1900s," by OM ancr. There
was one reggae song in the playlist. Belfast addr. (Zeller-OH)

WTCR- 20th Century Radio
6925 U 0015-0132* , some great 60's motown rock such as the
Stones - I Cant Get No-Satisfaction, and others such as
Marvin Gaye etc...Gave the Qsl via P.O. Box 1, Belfast NY address
(454 - Kusalik-ALB)

(unid)- 6925.2 AM 2309-2331 4/20/08 SIO=141. Prgm of sketches and apparently
some classical mx at the start. Very poor level, and thus difficult to copy,
given the weak signal. The xmtr appeared to be somewhat undermodulated,
since the carrier was louder than the received modulated audio was.
I unfortunately failed to copy an ID. (Zeller-OH)

Unidentified 6955AM 4/19 0009-0027 Poor signal, Dave Bowie song and other
pop/rock songs. No identification given (Majewski CT)

Unidentified 6925AM 4/20 2319-2321+ Poor signal with weak audio.
Mentioned exciting
pirate broadcast, Jay Smilkstein bits, South Park voices, and Commander
Bunny sound a like. Never said this was Commander Bunny. (Majewski CT)


freq, date time, program (signal name state)

YES, we want some EuroPirate loggings.


Voice of Prozac: 6955 f/d PDF e-QSL of pills in 1 day for e-mail report
to Said plans to stay on 6955,
so keep looking up there! (Yoder,PA)

Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:

Alfa Lima International:
Big Thunder Radio:
Blind Faith Radio:
Buckwheat Radio:
Captain Ron SW:
Crystal Ship Shortwave:
Dr. Who:
Friendship Radio:
Ground Zero Radio:
Ironman Radio:
Jolly Roger Radio Int'l:
Kracker Radio/CBZO/KBZO/Voice of Bozo/Bowling League:
KRMI Radio Michigan Int'l:
MAC Shortwave:
Northwoods Radio:
Laser Hot Hits:
Radio Borderhunter:
Radio Cochiguaz:
Radio Omroep Zuid
Ragnar Radio:
Seattle Free Radio:
Shadow Radio:
Sunshine Radio:
United Patriot Militia BINGO:
Undercover Radio:
Voice of Capt. Ron:,
Voice of the New World Order:
WBMR (Black Mountain Radio):
WPN World Parody Network:
WSKO Sycko Radio:

(Please send any additions/deletions to us.Thanks!)

Sycho Radio says he heard a new station testing on 6925AM. He says we
should keep
listening for it.


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