Free Radio Weekly #640 05/17/08

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly #640 05/17/08

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FRW #640, May 10, 2008
Covering Free Radio activity from May 11th to May 17th 2008

EDITORS: Bill Finn -
Ed Kusalik -
Ed Insinger -
Greg Majewski -
Harold Frodge -

WEEKLY DEADLINE: Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)
Editor for 641: Greg Majewski
Editor for 642: Bill Finn (May 31)
Editor for 643: Harold Frodge (June 7)
Editor for 644: Harold Frodge


IF you change your E-mail, please the editors know, otherwise your FRW
will be late or missed completely.
Reminder: Please indicate your NAME at the end of your logging, since this
helps in sorting out the logs, and reduces the chance of a log being missed.

ALL EDITORS (Bill, Ed, Greg, and Harold). THANK-YOU!

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the hobby of listening to
Radio pirates and distributed free to those who contribute.Please QSL and think good
thoughts about our contributors, without who, there is no newsletter:

Al Fansome: Somewhere in South Central PA
William Hassig, 102 North Russell Street, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Ed Insinger, 28 Madison Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901
Ragnar Daneskjold
Joe Wood, 5620 Evergreen Farms Lane, Greenback, TN 37742
George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44111

NORTH AMERICAN LOGS: Time, all times are UTC

Radio Appalachia

Radio Appalachia 6924.8a 5/11/8 00:15 sio231, just above the noise, Jerry Garcia,
bluegrass, no id but this is very similar to their last broadcast, stooges “Quiet
numbskulls, I'm broadcasting", id at 00:42 (Fansome, PA)

Channel Z

Channel Z 6925 am 05/13/08 00:35-SINPO 35433. Just caught the ID at sign off.


6925u PIRATE, KBLU. 0305-0311*. 11 May 08. English. Electric Blues. S/off
ancmts with a computerized YL voice mentioning several noted Pirate DXers
and giving an ID. Good. (Wood, TN).

MAC Radio

MAC,6850.84am,5-11-08,0130utc,poor/static, song: It's So Easy To Fall In Love
and others. I just did something wrong on this keyboard because now it's writing
in italics and I dont know how to fix it. I wish I knew how when I want to write this
way. (Hassig-IL)

Maple Leaf Radio

Maple Leaf R.- 6925U 2319-2330* 5/11/08 SIO=242. Ancd as a test bcst.
"Wolfman" and "These Eyes" rock oldies, plus one other rock tune.
Only anmts by OM were the ID and the test announcement. (Zeller-OH)

Maple Leaf Radio 6925u 5/11/8 23:21 sio423, very noisy, but strong signal,
"Clap for the Wolfman", id at 23:23, "No Time", "These Eyes", off at 23:31
with id (Fansome, PA)

The Crystal Ship

The Crystal Ship 6854a 5/12/8 00:44 sio222, very noisy, but signal is audible,
nothing on 5385, pop music that I don't recognize, "Fox on the Run", political
speeches (Fansome, PA)

Voice of the Angry Bastard

Voice of the Angry Bastard 6925.3 AM 05/14/08 23:43 SINPO 25332
tuned in to hear "Hell Yeah, Your listening to the voice of the Angry Bastard."
Into very angry punk music. Gloria, faint signal in lots of noise. (Ragnar-MI)


WBNY 6925 usb 05/13/08 20:30-50 SINPO 2534. Rock National Anthem, "Attention,
Attention" Vote Kracker Bunny endorsements by SWL notables. (Ragnar-MI)

Wolverine Radio

Wolverine Radio 6925u 5/16/8 00:30 sio322, lots of QRM, Van Morrison, other
light rock, id at 1:02 (Fansome, PA)

Wolverine Radio 6925 usb 05/15/08 00:10- SINPO 43434. Hey Hey Goodbye,
Strange Love, Do you realize, Into The Mystic, Strong signal with a slight AM hum
of second station playing techno music. (Ragnar-MI)


UNID 6925.12u 5/12/8 1:26 sio423, bad buzz QRM, "testing 12345",
then a loop about "through the atmosphere, and down the copper wire",
ending with something about the "weinermobile, patrolling through the
universe", off with a brief snippet of the "William Tell Overture" (Fansome, PA)

UNID 6925 am 05/10/08 11:20- SINPO 25332. Playing pop music, faded out by
11:30. (Ragnar-MI)

QSL’s Received:

Radio Azteca full data yellow QSL # 803, signed by Bram Stoker, with Official Seal.
Also included information card about the Phoenix Gold Mine, in the heart of the
Historic Idaho Springs Mining District, where you can still pan for gold and see a
Working underground mine. Thanks, Bram! (Insinger, NJ)

Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:

Alfa Lima International:
Big Thunder Radio:
Blind Faith Radio:
Buckwheat Radio:
Captain Ron SW:
Crystal Ship Shortwave:
Dr. Who:
Friendship Radio:
Ground Zero Radio:
Ironman Radio:
Jolly Roger Radio Int’l:
Kracker Radio/CBZO/KBZO/Voice of Bozo/Bowling League:
KRMI Radio Michigan Int’l:
MAC Shortwave:
Northwoods Radio:
Laser Hot Hits:
Radio Borderhunter:
Radio Cochiguaz:
Radio Omroep Zuid
Ragnar Radio:
Seattle Free Radio:
Shadow Radio:
Sunshine Radio:
United Patriot Militia BINGO:
Undercover Radio:
Voice of Capt. Ron:,
Voice of the New World Order:
WBMR (Black Mountain Radio):
WPN World Parody Network:
WSKO Sycko Radio:

Mail Drops:

Belfast: Box 1, Belfast, NY 14711
BRS: Box 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
Bremen: Box 334, Bremen, IN 46506
SRS Germany—Station Name – Postfach 101145, 99801 Eisenach, GERMANY
Herten: PO Box 2702, 6049ZG Herten, NETHERLANDS
Huntsville: Box 11522, Huntsville, AL 35814
Merlin: Box 293, Merlin, Ontario N0P 1W0, CANADA
Neede: PO Box 73, NL-7160 AB, Neede, NETHERLANDS [Radio Spaceman]
Providence: Box 28413, Providence, RI 02908
Rueil: P.O. Box 130, 92504 Rueil-Malmaison, FRANCE
Ruurlo: P.O. Box 65, 7260 AB, Ruurlo, NETHERLANDS
Santiago: Casilla 159, Santiago 14, CHILE

COMMENTS: A light listing of loggings this time around. Thanks to all who sent in
their contributions. All are appreciated! And congratulations from this editor Ed to
my fellow editor Ed on his recent retirement. All the best health and happiness!!

73’s, Ed Insinger
The Radical

“The most heroic word in all languages is revolution.”
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