Free Radio Weekly #647 07/05/08

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly #647 07/05/08

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FREE RADIO WEEKLY #647, July 5, 2008
Covering Free Radio activity from June 30th to July 5th, 2008

EDITORS: Bill Finn []
Ed Kusalik []
Ed Insinger []
Greg Majewski []
Harold Frodge []

WEEKLY DEADLINE: Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)
Editor for this issue: Ed Insinger
Editor for 648: Bill Finn (7/12)
Editor for 649: Harold Frodge (7/19)
Editor for 650: Ed Kusalik (7/26)
Editor for 651: Ed Insinger (8/2)
Editor for 652: Greg Majewski (8/9)
Editor for 653: Bill Finn (8/16)

LOGS TO ALL EDITORS (Bill, Ed, Greg, and Harold). THANK-YOU!**

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the hobby
of listening to hobby pirates and distributed free to those who contribute.

The August 2008 edition of Popular Communications Cover has a picture
of a pirate on it and the issue is called Anatomy of a Pirate /
Favorite Rigs of the Renegades. I'm sure this would be of interest to
the subscribers of the FRW.

There are 4 columns/pieces in it regarding pirate radio:

1. "Making Radio - Pirate Style: The Rigs Behind Radio's Renegade
Voices" by Andrew Yoder
2. "There Be Pirates Out There: Plying the Radio Waves - They Elude
The Authorities, But You Can Catch Them" by Mitch Gill
3. "Sabbath Day Pirates and Their Fast Sinking Stations"
by Shannon Honeywell
4. "The Low Down on Low Power FM" By Edith Lennon, the editor
of Popular Communications

It's awesome that a magazine dedicated so much attention to Pirate
Radio. So, if you do get or read it, send an email of thanks to
Popular Communications for the articles. (Finn, PA)
Please QSL and think good thoughts about our contributors, without who,
there is no newsletter:

Ragnar Daneskjold: -
Bill Finn: P.O. Box 31, Hatboro, PA 19040-0031
Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall Street, Midland, MI 48642
Ed Insinger: 28 Madison Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901
Mike Rohde: Columbus, OH
Larry Will: 28723 Ridge Road, Mount Airy, MD 21771-4436
Joe Wood: 5620 Evergreen Farms Lane Greenback TN 37742
George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44111
Time, all times are UTC

Grasscutter/Sunshine Radio

6924.9U, 7/5 from 1810 tune-in to 1900 sign off. Rock music with ID’s
including: “You are listening to Grasscutter & Sunshine Radio on
6925 upper.” Gave Ontario mail drop and Yahoo e-mail addresses.
Ended with George Harrison singing “you Know It Don’t Come Easy,”
then off the air. SIO=353. (Insinger, NJ)

Radio Free Speech

6925u PIRATE, Radio Free Speech. 2348-2354. 3 July 08. English.
OM announcer, Bill O. Rights, with a show of parody ads and political
rhetoric. Lost signal at 2354 w/o any s/off ancmts. S5/Fair. (Wood, TN)

Radio Free Speech; 6925/U, 2331-2338+, 3-July; Radio Free Speech
Pirate SW; Fire & brimstone rlgs bit; Holiday traffic report from the Radio
Free Speech1 Eye in the Sky; Earl Pitts cmtry. SIO=2+52+ (Frodge-MI)

Radio Free Speech- 6,925.0, USB, Pirate, 2340-2358, Jul 3, English, 25342
2340 "What's that over your fireplace?, A water buffalo"
2342 "I want to hold your your ??"
2343 Radio Free Speech mentioned
2346 talking about Alan Wiener
2347 Holiday Traffic report from chopper radio Free Speech
2356 Parody on the National Anthem
Off at 2358 Poor. (Rohde)

Radio Free Speech 6925 usb 07/04/08 23:25 SINPO 25342. Leann Rimes
skit, Radio Free Speech ID- Fourth of July special, Bill O Rights talking about
independence. (Ragnar-MI)

Radio Pigmeat International

R. Pigmeat International- 6925.3v AM *0213-0303* 6/29/08 SIO=333-.
Prgm of obscure punk or glam rock mx. I recognized none of the songs.
Clear ID by OM at 0225 and 0259, but I copied no addr. Toward the end
of the xmsn the xmtr drifted slightly up in freq. (Zeller-OH)

Sycko Radio

6,925.6, USB, 6/28, Sycho Radio, 0030-0040, Jun 28, English, 6925.58
USB 35344. ID at 0030
0032 "I guess this CD doesn't like me so I will try something else."
Comment about the feedback
Lots of adds for Commander Bunny for President Good. (Rohde)

6926U 7/3, 0249 – Rev. Billy saying “who ya gonna vote for in 2008?”
Vote for Commander Bunny. A couple of Sycko ID’s in there as well as
mention of the Church of the Subgenius. SIO=333 with peaks amidst
the noise. Thanks, Sycko! (Will, MD)

6925.95U, 7/3 at 0304 – continuing as “Door Bell Radio,” with frequent
“bing bongs.” Creepy grunge music with Sycko talking over it and the
signature sample machine doing the Door BellRadio “bing bong. Sounds
like a live broadcast. Signal improved dramatically to S9 at 0300. SIO up
to 434 by 0306. (Will, MD)

6,925.0, USB, Pirate, UNITED STATES, Sycko Radio, 1342, Jul 4, English.
Talking about the feds taking over the pirate freq of 6955. Fair. (Rohde)

Sycko Radio- 6,925.0, USB, 0043-0115, Jul 4, English, 35444.
"I want to hear it for Pirate Radio"
0043 "What you got?" ARRGGH, ARRGGH
"Shut up and turn up the F__king radio"
0047 "tuning all shortwave receivers"
"Hello shortwave receivers"
"Whats going on?"
0048 "This is Radio Insanity"
Uncle Bob, have a happy 4th of July everybody
Uncle Bob talking about hand tested fireworks. Good. (Rohde)

6925U PIRATE, Sycko Radio. 0309-0319+. 5 July 08. English. Sycko
with what sounded to be a live broadcast with at least one sidekick
involved. Ments of being on 6925.1 USB. F-G. (Wood, TN).

The Crystal Ship

The Crystal Ship- 5385.5 am 07/02/08 01:25 SINPO 35443 with
"We want the world & we want it Now" w/ fog horn into Russian
anthem sung in English. (Ragnar-MI)

6700 PIRATE, The Crystal Ship. 0128-0305+. Independence Day, 2008.
English. Great show by Mr. Poet. Music by REO Speedwagon, Styx,
Steely Dan, and many others. Lots of martial music as befits the Holiday
including some nice sets by a Fife and Drum Corps. There were fewer
political items than in the past. S9+10/VG. // 5385.5 S9/G. (Wood, TN).

The Crystal Ship- 5385.5 AM 0121-0237+ 6/30/08 SIO=433. A couple of
strange anthems at first, and then a prgm of rock mx by The Doors,
Alice Cooper, and other artists. Some IDs by OM w/their slogan of "the
official voice of the Blue States radio republic, and other IDs by a
YL. The YL mentioned a // freq of 6700, which was at a better level
than what I usually hear from them on that freq, but reception there
was very poor and just about unlistenable. Much better signal on
5385.5. (Zeller-OH)

The Crystal Ship- 5385 AM 06/30/08 01:25- SINPO 45343
Also reported on 6700 but no signal here. Russian national anthem?
Doors & intro Poem, Rabbit Slayer by Fudd. (Ragnar-MI)

The Crystal Ship- 5,385.0, AM, 0125, Jul 2, English, 0125 good on 5385
45333 not heard on 6700 - 6700 started to come in at about 0140 35333.
Excellent mix of music, The Doors, Styx, Kansas, The Beatles and Stones.
Fair. (Rohde)

The Crystal Ship- 5,385.0, AM, 1242-1400, Jul 4, English, The Boys are up
early to today! Happy 4th Of July! TCS 6925 AM 35333.
Steely Dan "Don't take my alive"
1242 "Indiana wants me"
Poet, 6700 is nothing but hum this morning
1248 "Catch Us If You Can"
Monty Python "Bring up the Holy Hand Grenade"
More Python "I am a Lumber Jack"
1245 "I Fought The Law And The Law Won"
1259 ID
1312 "We Are An American Band"
1320 ID
Deep Purple "My Woman’s from Tokyo"
1323 Moody Blues
1327 more Moody Blues
6700 comes and goes at peak it is a great signal but will then fade to
almost nothing. Enjoying your great music selection! Fair. (Rohde)

The Crystal Ship- 5,385.0, AM, Pirate, The Crystal Ship, 0106-0216,
Jul 4, English, Poet, signal on both Frqs sounding great at the moment
with little or no static.
0106 Anchors away
Doors "The Crystal Ship"
0113 "The Crystal Ship is Being Filled"
0114 "We got to get out of this place"
0119 6700-45444, 5385-35433
Beatles song
0124 "Send Lawyers, Guns and Money"
0129 "Don't Take Me Alive"
0133 "Indiana Wants Me"
Signal strength is decreasing and the static has come up a bit. The fade
has increased some as well.
0137 "I fought the Law"
0150 6700-3533, 5385-25443. 6700 freq is delivering much better fidelity
than 5385.
0150 "Madam Blue"
0154 "Red, White, and, Blue"
Parodies slamming Republicans
0202 "101 Trombones"
6700 signal gone ~0209
0216 Piano music. Fair. (Rohde)

The Crystal Ship- 6925LSB, 7/5 from 1342 to 1440 sign-off. Eagles
Songs and several ID’s heard. 1413 full ID as: “You are listening to
The Crystal Ship broadcasting to North America on 6700 MHz and
5385 MHz, with a power of 100 to 150 watts. This is Pirate Radio.”
Initially tuned in to 5385 but conditions poor, so I switched to 6700
and was able to raise a readable signal by tuning to LSB mode.
Poet provided e-mail and postal address for Belfast, NY. Great
Selection of music; I am really going to miss John Poet and The
Crystal Ship if he has to shut down. SIO=353. (Insinger, NJ)


WBNY- 6925U 1316-1323 6/29/08 SIO=141+. Prgm promoting the
Bunny-Kracker ticket for President of the USA. Poor level, but the
show could be heard. (Zeller-OH)

WBNY- 6925 usb 06/30/08 23:24 SINPO 25333
Commander Bunny July 2008 show, Pro Pirate Radio music, descriptions
on how to tune your receiver to another station. (Ragnar-MI)

WBNY 6925 usb 06/29/08 12:44 SINPO 35333. Monkey Mouse music,
Commander Bunny talking about his presidential aspirations. WBNY ID,
Pirate radio themed music. This is the new July 2008 WBNY program.

Wolverine Radio

Wolverine R.- 6925U 0043-0123* 6/29/08 SIO=141+. Prgm of odd violin
insr mx w/drums at first. After a lengthy rendition of this oddmusical
composition, they aired a Joni Mitchell song at 0114. ID at0058 and
another ID w/an echo effect at close. Hrd no addr ancd. TheIDs still
sound like "Long Range R." to me, but the stn says that theyare really
Wolverine Radio. (Zeller-OH)

Wolverine Radio- 6,925.0, USB, 0118-0124, Jun 29, English, Joan Baez?
0118 ID Wolverine Radio. 0124 ID and then off the air. Great signal here
tonight, 55434. Good. (Rohde)


WKPL – Brooklyn, 6924.9U on 7/5 at 1912 tune-in. Johnny Lightning ID’d
as “Brooklyn’s own WKPL” and “WKPL – 91.9 FM.” “Don’t touch that dial
or I’ll kill you.” Rock music by Shocking Blue and Jimmy Hendrix. Also
announced phone number (718) 663-3010 weekdays. SIO=353. Faded out
at 1925 UTC, no further copy possible. First time I have heard
them here! Please QSL! (Insinger, NJ)


6,925.0, USB, Pirate, UNKNOWN, Unidentified, 0201-0230, Jul 3, English.
Music with some announcements. Voice unintelligible. Getting it here rather
garbled. Operator having modulation problems. Trying AM and SSB –
ended up best in USB. "Hello Itasca, Come in Itasca this is KHAQQ" –
sounds like female voice, then it goes back to music. Music ends and the
same call goes out with long silences in between. This contact turns out to
mostly likely a pirate operator commemorating the disappearance of Amelia
Earhart. (today was the anniversary of that event) KHAQQ was Amelia's
call sign Poor. (Rohde)

6,925.0, AM, Pirate, UNKNOWN, Windup Radio, 0135-0142, Jul 4, English,
Windup Radio 6925 AM,0139 UTC 7-4 25332.
0139 A pirate song
0141 "Windup Radio, Windup Radio, We are all wound down"
Break and then a small child saying something. Poor. (Rohde)
Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:

Alfa Lima International:
Big Thunder Radio:
Blind Faith Radio:
Buckwheat Radio:
Captain Ron SW:
Crystal Ship Shortwave:
Dr. Who:
Friendship Radio:
Ground Zero Radio:
Ironman Radio:
Jolly Roger Radio Int'l:
Kracker Radio/CBZO/KBZO/Voice of Bozo/Bowling League: KRMI Radio Michigan Int'l:
MAC Shortwave:
Northwoods Radio:
Laser Hot Hits:
Radio Borderhunter:
Radio Cochiguaz:
Radio Omroep Zuid
Ragnar Radio:
Seattle Free Radio:
Shadow Radio:
Sunshine Radio:
United Patriot Militia BINGO:
Undercover Radio:
Voice of Capt. Ron:,
Voice of the New World Order:
WBMR (Black Mountain Radio):
WPN World Parody Network:
WSKO Sycko Radio:
COMMENTS: A thank you is sent out to fellow editor Greg, who covered
for me last week, while I was on a family vacation in Cape May, NJ. The
weather was pleasant and this 18thcentury Victorian resort is a wonderful
place to relax and unwind.

Not as much activity for the 4th of July as I had expected…I wonder if the
fireworks displays deflected the radio waves out into space, instead of
the normal ionospheric skip?

73’s, Ed.
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