Free Radio Weekly #1041 02/13/16

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly #1041 02/13/16

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Covering Logs from 6 thru 12-February-2016 (0.0)
EDITOR THIS WEEK: Harold Frodge [] .='`"``=.

Harold Frodge (
Dave Turnick (
Larry Will (

Send your logs to all editors in case of assigned changes.

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the hobby of
listening to hobby pirates and distributed free to those who contribute.

WEEKLY DEADLINE: Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)

To view any "art"; convert to Courier (or any non-proportional) font.
Our Contributors...a bunch that knows how to make good use of free time.

Joe Filipkowski, Warwick RI
Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642
Chris Gay, Lexington KY
William Hassig,
Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702,,
NRD-545 with ALA-330S, IC-R75, FRG-7, PL-880 + random wires
Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing PA 19610-2102
Chris Lobdell, Tewksbury MA, Eton E1, JRC NRD-525 + G5RV Dipole.
Rob Ross, London ON
John Sedlacek: 2728 N. 45th Ave., Omaha NE 68104-4527
Joe Talbot, #1503 4902 37th Street, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, T4N6M9,, JRC NRD 535D + 160' wire at 140'

NEWS: It's still Winter.

OUR EDITORIAL POLICY: What editorial policy? Just send your stuff in,
we'll handle the rest.


=+=+=+=+= North American Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


2/9, 2225-2236*, 6925/U; S7 with CW & SSTVs, OM with station ID &
off with National Anthem. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/11, 2238-2258, 6930/U; S6-7 with IDs,SSTVs and music by Deep
Purple. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/11, 2302-2304+, 6930/U; Rock tune & IDs w/phone tones; into
digital @2304+. SIO=353+ (Frodge-MI)
2/11, 2308-2323*, 6930/U; Faint signal with SSTVs. CW ID into U.S.
National Anthem & s/off. (Sedlacek-NE)


2/6, 1726-1748, 6935/AM; S3-4 playing fast hard rock & punk music &
some sort of IS at sign off. (Filipkowski,RI)


2/12, 2106-2302+, 6969/L; S7 on the new SDRPlay playing tunes by
Doobie Brothers, Peter Frampton, Ozzy, The Doors, Jefferson
Starship, Queen, Van Halen & Bruce Springsteen. (Filipkowski,RI)


2/5, 2345, 6925/AM; poor, dance music, rock music, DJ voice was
muffled. (Hassig-IL)
2/7, 0415, 6925.1/AM; Noted with bits of audio heard in the noise.
2/10, 2323+, 6925/AM; (Tent.) Electronic and dance music. Faint
signal further hampered by SS ops on LSB. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/11, 2349+, 6925.1/AM; Usual dance music w/ heavy bass. Heavy
static & QRM from SS ops on LSB hampered copy. (Sedlacek-NE)


2/6, 0124+, 6940/L; S4-5 playing country music including Your Cheatin'
Heart Hank Williams. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/6, 2314*, 6940/U; S3 heard sign off with OM talking, ID via HFU
loggings. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/6, 2340-2345*, 6940/U; Couple of country songs into ID & s/off.
Good signal/audio. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/7, 2217-2236, 6930/U; S3 playing theme from The Good The Bad & The
Ugly & some unid music, ID via HFU loggings. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/12, 0003+, 6930/U; Song Freak Out. Signal fair but deep in noise
floor & heavy static. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/12, 0044, 6930/U; very poor S6 signal with music, maybe bluegrass,
0055 announcement including but can`t catch the ID;
0103 song about marijuana in Muskogee. This thread from 0001 to
0051 says it was Moonlight Radio:" onclick=";return false;
board/index.php/topic,26299.0.html (Glenn Hauser, OK)


2/6, 2113, 6770.06/AM; Back after a week or so absence; too weak to
copy at this time, but appears to be a comedy show. (Frodge-MI)
2/6, 2228-2231, 6770/AM; Texas Ranger, starring Joel ???? [McCrae]
Promos for Martha Raye, Dave Garoway, and the Monday through
Friday programming on NBC. "Now, from the files of the Texas
Rangers, Travesty. (35353, Hunsicker, PA)
2/7, 0048, 6770/AM; JBA S7 AM signal, presumably the old-time-radio
pirate back on at the usual unusable level here; Larry Will in
Free Radio Weekly Feb 6 observed, ``No sign of the old time radio
pirate on 6770 in several days. This station had been on more or
less continuously for several months. The last log on the FRN was
on 25 January`` (Glenn Hauser, OK)
2/7, 0308, 6770/AM; poor, at or below low noise level, sounds like
Abbot & Costello. (Hassig-IL)
2/7, 2048, 6770/AM; Very weak & not usable. (Hunsicker, PA)
2/8, 0500, 6770.06/AM; Masters of the Macabre. SIO=2+52+ (Frodge-MI)


2/7, 0052-0118, 6955/U; Hands Of Death-Rob Zombie, Comfortably Numb-
Pink Floyd, Setting Sun-Blucas. SSTV & "Pee Wee" CW ID at 0118
& off. Near steady S9 +10 signal & GREAT audio. WOW, Nice!
2/7, 0207-0217, 6950/U On after Wolverine Radio S6 with bluesy rock
music,CW and SSTV. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/7, 0255-0312, 6955/U; Midnight Blues-Joe Bonamassa, Drivers Seat-
Sniff & The Tears, 0305 audio trouble either Bottomed Out-The
Atomic Rats or Drift Away-Dobie Grey, Road To Hell-Rory Galla-
gher, Baby Did A Bad Thing-Chris Issak, 0314 YL tx abt a video
with a message or smog in the west?, I Don't Know-Ozzy, SSTV &
Pee Wee CW ID, off @0322. S4-S5, some QSB fade outs. (Talbot-AB)
2/7, 0255-0325, 6955/U; S3-5 with CW IDs, SSTV, bluesy rock music &
I Don't Know by Ozzy Osbourne. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/8, 0121-0129:45*, 6925/U; Odd assortment of tunes; no voice; off
w/PEE WEE code. SIO=2+43 w/buzz burst QRM (Frodge-MI)
2/12, 0231-0238, 6955/U; Black Coffee Guy Davis ?, Pee Wee CW ID at
0235, Road To Hell Rory Gallagher then off. SINPO: 3+4344.
S6-S7. Clean, clear audio. (Talbot-Alberta)


2/5, 2314, 6815, 2314; Slow code beacon. (Frodge-MI)
2/6, 0050, 0415, 6815; Slow code beacon. (Frodge-MI)


2/6, 2119-2123+, 6949.96/AM; Host Bram Stoker w/Tia Betty Crocka-
coatla cooking spot & DX Party Line parody. SIO=242+ w/LSB
pesky. (Frodge-MI)
2/6, 2125-2201, 6950/AM; Program #6, played twice. I joined in part-
way through the first playing & tuned-out part-way through the
next playing of #6. Top ten reasons you know DXing is down, a
technical problem, cantilever bras (now known as "shelf" bras),
Ask Dr. Radio. (45353, Hunsicker, PA)


2/6, 2300, 6945/U; Song Pirate Radio by John Hiatt & many others.
Couldn't stick with it as there were about 5-6 pirates on at
once. Very nice signal with good audio. (Gay-KY)
2/6-7, 2305-0011+, 6945/U; S9 at start S7-8 2333 & down to S4 by
0011, DJ Dickweed playing tunes by Eagles of Death Metal, The
Wiggs, Death Valley Girls, Robert DeLong & played my request for
a Dave Matthews Band song, shoutouts to folks who sent in emails
& HFU listeners, IDs of "This is Radio Free Whatever", usual
great sounding audio. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/6-7, 2347-0023*, 6945/U; Strong signal but affected by strong hum.
Not sure if local. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/7, 0003-0022, 6945/U; Mr Dick Weed, Electric High-Death Valley
Girls, Natalie-Hunny, ID at 0018, Hate To Say I Told You So-The
Hives, Mr Dick Weed with "Good Night" & off at 0024. S5 some QSB.


2/6, 0015-0050, 6930/DSB; Black Friday-Steele Dan, ID at 0019, Dirty
Love-Frank Zappa, Eyes Without A Face-Billy Idol, Raw Power-Iggy
Pop, 0050 ID & Off. 20 mins before greyline here. S6, audio dis-
torted, best in ECSS USB to clean up received audio. (Talbot-AB)
2/6, 0020, 6935/DSB; good, pop music, Frank Zappa tune dirty love,
unusual DSB format caused slow heterodyne between the 2 recovered
audios in my Drake R8, (Hassig-IL)
[6930? You're outnumbered.]
2/6, 0025-0051*, 6930/DSB; Music by Johnny Cash, Canned Heat, Blon-
die & Hendrix. Strong signal but audio badly distorted in both
upper/lower side bands. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/6, 0030-0039+, 6930/??; Pop tunes & ID. Very choppy & distorted
audio. Possibly in DSB per post by Cosmikdebris on the Free
Radio Net, but no mode cleans it up. (Frodge-MI)
2/12, 2234-2238, 6930/U; Heard music & ID down in the noise.


2/10, 1550-1622*, 6950/U; S5 eventually up to S9 by sign off, music
including; Good Girl by Panda Bear (per Shazam) & song with OM
saying "the eagle has landed", first pirate heard on my new
SDRPlay. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/10, 2155+, 6950/U; S7-8 playing same music as the 1550 broadcast,
ID via HFU loggings. (Filipkowski,RI)


2/6, 1936-2013*, 6950/AM; S4-5 playing tunes from the movie Grease such
as Born To Hand Jive, Greased Lightning, Sandy & You're The One
That I Want, OM/YL voice IDs &, sign off
with IS & music from Voice of Greece, nice pgm! (Filipkowski,RI)


2/6, *1821-1921*, 6950/AM; S6-8 nice audio with OM Stan Weekly playing
tunes; Come Monday, Tuesdays Gone With The Wind, Saturday Night
Special, Friday Night, some CW & mentioned audio recordings are
appreciated. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/7, *1300-1400*, 6950/AM; S7-8 replay of 2/6 show (Filipkowski,RI)
2/7, 1301, 6950/AM; EE FR-GD Male singing @ Tune In 1301-1303. Male DJ
with ID announcements 1303-04. "WEEK RADIO" asked for reports to Into Music all relating to the Days
of the Week 1304-08. Song called Come Monday 1308-10. Signal buil-
ding after 1310. More Music til 1322. ID & QSL Info given again @
1322. ROSS, ON


2/7, 0042-0202*, 6950/U; Music with "time" in the title. Usual good
signal/audio. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/7, 0045, 6950/U; big S9+30 signal from a pirate playing torch song,
Mae West? 0046 change to ``Supper-Time``; bet it`s Wolverine Radio,
confirmed by IDs at 0049, 0058. Still going VG at 0142. Many more
logs with playlists, SSTV views, say theme was ``time``, at: ... 201.0.html" onclick=";return false;
(Glenn Hauser, OK)
2/7, 0048-0202*, 6950/U; S4-5 with a program of "time" themed songs
like; This Will Be The Last Time, Love Me Two Times, Good Times
Bad Times & Let The Good Times Roll, SSTV at sign off.
2/7, 0118-0202, 6950/U; good with excellent wideband audio & actual
upper bass notes, best Wolverine ever, time themed program with;
time has come today, time of the season, good times bad times, long
time coming (CSNY), good time Charley, let the good times roll,
dangerous times, etc., SSTV/FAX at 0200. (Hassig-IL)


2/6-7, 2318-0041+, 6930/U; S4 & very little noise made for clear copy of
XLR8 IDs and program of dance/electronica tunes. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/6, 2325, 6930/U; Eclectic rock music, nothing Shazam could ID :-)
. Great signal, good audio, very listenable. (Gay-KY)
2/7, 0002-0025+, 6930/U; Usual mix of eclectic indie music. Faint sig-
nal/static levels hampered reception. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/7, 0048, 6930/U; weak hard rock reading only S9, much less than 6950
Wolverine. To find a 6930 log on HFU we have to go back to 2304 UT
Feb 6, for XLR8 & none later than 0038: http://www.hfunderground" onclick=";return false;.
com/board/index.php/topic,26190.0.html (Glenn Hauser, OK)


1/31, 0056, 6940/AM; JBA carrier is the only sign of a pirate tonite.
Also UNID for many others starting as early as 2110 Jan 30 (so
not necessarily the same one):" onclick=";return false;
board/index.php/topic,26040.0.html including IDs around 2311 and
2330 as MAC SW Radio, and as late as 0044 (Glenn Hauser, OK)
2/5, 2046-2053*, 6925/AM; Beavis & Butthead show with sexual questions
answered and a poison hotline. (35343, Hunsicker, PA)
2/5, 2236-2304, 6925/AM; A friend-themed program with continuous music.
Love One Another; Why Can't We Be Friends; Friendship, Friendship
& others. (35444 with occasional peskies, Hunsicker, PA)
2/5, 2257-2305*?, 6925/AM; Pop tunes including United We Stand,
Divided We Fall. Poor w/upfreq hiss QRM & LSB pesky starting
@2300. (Frodge-MI)
2/6, 0033, 6925.18/AM; Music barely detectable u/hiss & pesky QRM.
Presume Liquid Radio from the freq. (Frodge-MI)
2/6, 1757-1808, 6925/AM; Heard ham comms & some CW rising in & out of
the noise level. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/6, 2015-2027+, 6935/AM; S9 & great AM audio playing songs off of
Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/6, 2302-2303*, 6925/U; S5 apparently caught ending of a broadcast
with some music & OM talking then off. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/6, 2346-2350*, 6955/U; S6-7 & great sounding audio with OM saying
"Dragon Slayer" several times & "adventurer your quest awaits"
over some electronica music, quite interesting. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/7, 0016-0022, 6950/U; S3-4 playing foreign dance music
2/7, 0025-0035, 6950/U; Electronic music; weak signal deep in noise
floor. Lost by 0035. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/7, 0204-0300, 6935/AM poor, rock & pop music, at or below low noise
level. (Hassig-IL)
2/7, 0246, 6925.6/AM; Noted something on frequency but much too weak
to hear anything. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/7, 1915-2209+, 6935/AM; S4-5 then S6-7 as broadcast went on, heard a
bit of music then into a relay of Glenn Hauser's World Of Radio
program then at 2141 playing audio from the movie Night Of The
Living Dead. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/7, 2038-2223, 6935/AM; World of Radio 2818 until 2110 then Night of
the Living Dead (I think) soundtrack, from the beginning. (35443,
Hunsicker, PA)
2/7, 2215+, 6930/U; Soundtrack music from Eastwood's "spaghetti wes-
tern" trilogy & song from Adele. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/7, 2240-2252+, 6935.03/AM; Tune-in to soundtrack from Night of the
Living Dead (tnx cosmikdebris on the Free Radio Net); about
2248 switched to Germany Awakes. SIO=2+52+ (Frodge-MI)
2/7, 2305-2325+, 6925/AM; Music deep in noise floor. Heavy static
prevented any clear copy for possible station ID. (Sedlacek-NE)
2/8, 1436-1902+, 6935/AM; S5-6 with some music by Stryper, Jethro
Tull, Iron Maiden & Aerosmith then S7 at 1803 with documentary
about Pearl Harbor attack & Japanese POW camps. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/8, 2115-2235*, 6925/U; S4 with a radio crime drama off at 2140,
back on at 2203 S7-8 playing electronica music and ad for Fixo-
dent, may have been two different stations? (Filipkowski,RI)
2/8, 2202-2218:35*, 6925/U; Electro-pop music & Fixodent ad. Off
w/o ID or anmts. SIO=242+ w/buzz burst QRM (Frodge-MI)
2/9, 1925-1941+, 6925/AM; S9+ playing an old program about the his-
tory of radio with talk about Morse code & clips of station
WOR. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/9, 1929-2042*, 6925; A history of broadcasting, starting with KDKA,
early studio experiences, advent of advertising, the formation
of NBC Blue & Red & CBS, interviewing Admiral Byrd & reading of
memoirs of persons who were there. (45443, interesting show,
thanks, Hunsicker, PA)
2/9, 2013-2034*, 6930/U; Dale Gribble must stop exterminating because
he has become allergic to the poison. Becomes VP of Human
Resources at SticTech. Decided firing people is a poor substi-
tute for killing roaches. Long CW transmission at end of BC.
(HFU though KOTH, King of the Hill) (Hunsicker, PA)
2/9, 2253-2257*, 6950/U; Music, AD for "Free Loader" from Butt Shot
Pharmaceuticals, some chatter & gone. (55444, Hunsicker, PA)
2/10, 2314, 6925/AM; Heard music down in the noise. (Filipkowski,RI)
[Possibly Liquid Radio]
2/11, 1932-2030, 6925/AM; Very faint & always unusable. Music with
maybe few ID's. IDed two songs Space Cowboy & Boom, Boom, Boom,
Boom. (15341, Hunsicker, PA)
2/11, 2204-2225+, 6950/AM; S7-8 then into the noise at 2225, OM &
YL discussion about LPFM stations. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/11-12, 2358-0002, 6925/U; Possible flute music then gone.
2/12, 1525-2129, 6949.9/AM; S3-4 at best playing music.
2/12, 2220-2247*, 6925/AM; S9 & peskie QRM playing tunes with a
"friends" theme like Why Can't We Be Friends & You've Got a
Friend. (Filipkowski,RI)

=+=+=+=+= European Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


2/6-7, 2301-0010+, 6975/AM; SIO:343 Per tip from German DXer Rainer
Brandt, heard this Italian pirate with good AM signal. Playing
oldies by Mike Oldfield, Simon Moon, Village People, Chic, Cul-
ture Club, etc. Occasional ID’s by OM in Italian and English.
Reception report in English to
Brought super cool eQSL the next morning. [Lobdell-MA]
2/7, 0000-0109*, 6974.8/AM; S3-4 on this Italian pirate playing dance
tunes with YL vocal, familiar instrumental music & OM ID at 0104.
2/7, 0018-0044, 6975/AM; ITALY EURO-PIRATE Lang? POOR-FAIR QSB Decent
Carrier on the ELAD Waterfall. @0018 Tune In. Male DJ spoke in
Unknown Lang too weak to discern 0018-0021. Instrumental Music
Sleepwalk? 0021-0025. Audio In/out 0025-0031. More Music 0031-0040.
Male DJ spoke again 0040-0041. Into more Music 0041-0044 then QSB
and Gone. NO ID heard but Eurolisteners & some on the East Coast
say they were IDing as BLUE DRAGON AM from Italy. ROSS,ON

IBC (Italian Broadcasting Corporation)

2/5, 2220-2251, 6970/U; Tough copy with bits of music with OM vocal &
OM talking. (Filipkowski,RI)
2/5, 2300-2320+, 6970/U; SIO:232 playing tunes by Patrick Hernandez,
The Cure, Snap, Charles D. Lewis, interspersed with ID’s in
English with email address For reports. Station sent email
announcing broadcast. Email is: [Lobdell-MA]


2/6, 2216-2300*, 6295/U; SIO:444 This Dutch pirate with a great signal
playing tunes by Fools Garden, Alice Cooper, Jeff Wayne, etc.
Frequent ID’s by OM, greetings top those posting on the hfunder-
ground. Said he was putting out 1 kw into a G%RV dipole. Announced
email as [Lobdell-MA]
2/6, 2224-2300*, 6295/U; S4-5 on this pirate from the Netherlands
playing songs including; Some Kind Of Wonderful, Angel Is The
Centerfold, many IDs such as "Mike Radio from Holland" & "broad-
casting on the shortwaves Mike Radio" & shoutouts to HFU listeners,
great audio for SSB mode. (Filipkowski,RI)

Sordid Logs:

0015-0051 Radio GaGa, 6930/DSB
0033 UNID, 6925.18/AM (Liquid Radio?)
0050 PPKD, 6815
0124 Moonlight Radio, 6940/L
0415 PPKD, 6815
1726-1748 Channel X, 6935/AM
1757-1808 UNID, 6925/AM
1821-1921 WEEK Radio, 6950/AM
1936-2013 Voice of Grease, 6950/AM
2015-2027 UNID, 6935/AM
2113-2231 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770.06/AM
2119-2201 Radio Azteca, 6950/AM
2216-2300 Mike Radio, 6295/U (Euro)
2300-2400 Radio Free Whatever, 6945/U (continued past 0000 2/7)
2301-2400 Blue Dragon AM, 6975/AM (continued past 0000 2/7)
2302-2303 UNID, 6925/U
2314 Moonlight Radio, 6940/U
2318-2400 XLR8, 6930/U (continued to 0041 2/7)
2340-2345 Moonlight Radio, 6940/U
2346-2350 UNID, 6955/U
0000-0010 Blue Dragon AM, 6975/AM (continued from 2/6)
0000-0023 Radio Free Whatever, 6945/U (continued from 2300 2/6)
0000-0048 XLR8, 6930/U (continued from 2318 2/6)
0000-0109 Blue Dragon AM, 6975/AM (Euro)
0003-0022 Radio Free Whatever, 6945/U
0016-0035 UNID, 6950/U
0042-0202 Wolverine Radio, 6950/U
0048 0308 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770/AM
0052-0118 Pee Wee Radio, 6955/U
0204-0300 UNID, 6935/AM
0207-0325 Pee Wee Radio, 6955/U
0246 UNID, 6925.6/AM
0415 Liquid Radio, 6925.1/AM
1300-1400 WEEK Radio, 6950/AM
1915-2209 UNID, 6935/AM
2048 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770/AM
2215 UNID, 6930/U
2217-2236 Moonlight Radio, 6930/U
2240-2252 UNID, 6935.03/AM
2305-2325 UNID, 6925/AM
0121-0130 Pee Wee Radio, 6925/U
0500 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770.06/AM
1436-1902 UNID, 6935/AM
2115-2235 UNID, 6925/U
1925-2042 UNID, 6925/AM
2013-2034 UNID, 6930/U (KOTH King of the Hill?)
2225-2236 Amphetamine Radio, 6925/U
2253-2257 UNID, 6950/U
1550-1622 Radio Gallifrey Int'l, 6950/U
2155 Radio Gallifrey Int'l, 6950/U
2314 UNID, 6925/AM
2323 Liquid Radio (t), 6925/AM
1932-2030 UNID, 6925/AM
2204-2225 UNID, 6950/AM
2238-2323 Amphetamine Radio, 6930/U
2349 Liquid Radio, 6925.1/AM
2358-2400 UNID, 6925/U (continued past 0000 2/12, Liquid Radio?)
0000-0002 UNID, 6925/U (continued from 2/11, Liquid Radio?)
0003-0103 Moonlight Radio, 6930/U
0231-0238 Pee Wee Radio, 6955/U
1525-2129 UNID, 6949.9/AM
2106-2302 Cold Country Canada, 6969/L
2220-2247 UNID, 6925/AM
2234-2238 Radio GaGa, 6930/U


6975 AM Mode BLUE DRAGON AM Italian Euro-Pirate FULL-DATA eQSL Sheet
received from Mr. Blue in 10 Hours for an Email Report to EURO-PIRATE # 42 Logged 500 WATTS/DIPOLE

6950 AM WEEK RADIO SHORTWAVE Full Data e-QSL Sheet received in 7
Hours for an emailed report to
Sent by Host Stan Weekly. ROSS, ON

Blue Dragon AM: Full data "female dragon" and station logo eQSL for the
2/7/16 broadcast. (Filipkowski,RI)

WEEK Radio: Full data "skeleton guy in studio" eQSL for the 2/6/16
broadcast. (Filipkowski,RI)

Voice Of Grease: Full data "Grease collage" eQSL for the 2/6/16 broad-
cast. (Filipkowski,RI)

Channel X: Full data "Channel X collage" eQSL for the 2/6/16 broadcast.

Moonlight Radio, Full Data Pirate Ship eQSL, for January 19th 6930 kHz
USB broadcast , QSL #29, great signal on the greyline at 10 watts!
Thank you! (Talbot-Alberta)

Pee Wee Radio, Full Data Pee Wee and Dog eQsl, for 3 6955 USB broadcasts
(January/February 2016). 2 great greyline receptions. Thank you Pee Wee
and thank you to my mystery friend(s). (Talbot-Alberta)

Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:" onclick=";return false;


Ron Hunsicker: While propagation is often lousy and there are many
'unidentifieds,' mid-afternoon weekdays are fertile grounds for pirates.
Some have the feel of a wide-ranging, mid-afternoon variety program.
[Yes...there sure have been a LOT of UNIDs lately. Come on folks...
call yourselves something...ANYTHING. -- HF]
The Radical

“The most heroic word in all languages is revolution.”
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