Free Radio Weekly #1054 05/14/16

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Free Radio Weekly #1054 05/14/16

Post by The Radical » Sat May 14, 2016 7:18 am

FREE RADIO WEEKLY #1054: May 14, 2016
Covering Free Radio activity from May 7 – May 13, 2016

Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)


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Dave Turnick (
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#1054 Contributors
Joseph Filipkowski JR, RI
William Hassig, IL
Chris Lobdell Box80146 Stoneham, MA 02180
Harold Frodge, USA 5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642-3156
Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702
Ron Hunssicker, Wyomissing PA

All times are UTC
Pee Wee

5/8-9/16 2352-0028 UTC 6935 USB. Very tough copy with rock guitar music down in the noise, ID via HFU logs. (Filipkowski, RI)

Pee Wee: 5/8/16 0225-0239* UTC 6950 USB. S6-7 playing tunes by Firehouse and Marilyn Manson, ID via SSTV sent. (Filipkowski, RI)

Pee Wee, 6950usb, 0224utc, fair, blues rock tunes, SSTV/FAX of picture of dog in car seat. (Hassig-IL

Wolverine Radio

5/8/16 0026-0212* UTC 6950 USB. S9+10-20 and excellent audio with a "Heart" themed music show featuring songs by Hank Williams, Fats Domino, Janis Joplin, The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin and Yes, signal fading down to S6-7 by 0151 UTC and SSTV at sign off. (Filipkowski, RI)

Wolverine Radio, 6950usb, 5-8-16, 0121-0213utc, good as usual, nice wideband audio, I tuned in late and heard songs with a heart theme such as Janis Joplin "take another piece of my heart", also heard a song by the Supremes. (Hassig-IL)

Wolverine Radio. 6950.0-USB, May 8 at 0031, nostalgic music, 0032 Wolverine Radio ID; 0125 still on at S9+20. 0151 still rock music segués, now up to S9+35! This continues to be the strongest and most reliable pirate (Hauser-OK)

WOLVERINE RADIO: 6950/U, 0028-0044+, 8-May; Songs with “heart” in them; Hard-Hearted Hannah, Heart & Soul. SIO=4+54 (Frodge-MI)

6950USB 8 May 2016 0050-0214* A heart-themed program with tunes from three or four decades. A great signal--10 dB over S9--which allowed reception of a high-quality SSTV image at the end of the program. (55444--thunder boomers--Hunsicker, PA)

Radio Free Whatever

5/8/16 0037-0200* UTC 6965 USB. S9+10-20 and superb audio playing tunes by Rage Against The Machine, The Raconteurs, LCD Sound system, Stone Temple Pilots, Matthew Sweet and Beck, hosts DJ Dickweed and Assistant Stavin talking about the Church of Scientology and eating Mexican food, Dick's Mail Sack and shout outs to listeners. (Filipkowski, RI)

Radio Free Whatever
6965USB 8 May 2016 0050-0146 Monster signal from Dick Weed and his sidekick. (10 dB over S9, Hunsicker, PA)

The Crystal Ship

5/7/16 0108-0241* UTC 6876 AM. S7-8 then S9+ at 0214 UTC, "The 80s Sound" program with songs by The Human League, Soft Cell, Thomas Dolby, The Motels and Missing Persons, YL voice IDs and gmail address. (Filipkowski, RI)

TCS (Crystal Ship), 6876am, 5-7-16, 0150utc, fair/poor, music from the 1980’s, (Hassig-IL)

The Crystal Ship: 5/10/16 0106-0131 UTC 6876 AM. S6-7 at start rising to S8-9 then fading into the noise by 0120 UTC, program of Doors music and Jim Morrison poetry. (Filipkowski, RI)

The Crystal Ship ** NORTH AMERICA. 6876.02-AM, May 7 at 0110, pirate music; 0132, it`s S9, instrumental music, pause and ``You are listening to The Crystal Ship``, then faux-commercial for a dating website, with lots of farm-animalistic SFX, hee hee. At least I hope it`s faux. 0135 another plug for (during which my streetlight ignites with an RF noise burst at *0135:44, clear sky after sunset). 0137 another TCS ID. Still going at 0211 with music at S9, vs noise level (Hauser-OK)

the Crystal Ship
6876AM 7 May 2016 0056-0136 The Eighties Sound on the Crystal Ship. I listened until the signal became "unusable" at 0136. Definitely lots of Eighties music, mostly tunes that I remembered. Ad from and frequent IDs. (35343 to unusable, Hunsicker, PA)

CWCW Radio

5/5-6/16 2324-0024* UTC 6925 AM. S9+ and great AM audio with the "Merle Haggard Tribute" show with songs "Okie From Muskogee", "Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down", "Mama Tried", "My Favorite Memory Of All" and "Big City Turn Me Loose", IDs by host Larry Rogers and a slogan of "all country and western", off with a promo for Andrew Yoder's Pirate Annual book. (Filipkowski, RI)

Amphetamine Radio

5/11/16 2121-2256* UTC 6925 USB. S5-6 then faded into the noise at 2159 UTC, played an old PSA regarding various drugs, drug use and overdoses, CW and SSTVs, music by Elvis Costello and Iron Maiden, sign off with National Anthem. (Filipkowski, RI)

Amphetamine Radio, 6925 USB, 225402257*, 05-11-16 IO: 444 Just caught tail end of broadcast, OM announcer with station ID and close down announcement, USA National Anthem, tone and off. [Lobdell-MA]

Moonlight Radio

6935-USB, May 8 at 0014, pirate music, but below the storm noise level of S9+15. It`s off by 0031 when 6950 Wolverine is doing much better. This thread says 6935 was Moonlight Radio: ... ic=28031.0" onclick=";return false;

Drunken DJ Radio

6935USB 12 May 2016 0202-0225 Interesting music from the Drunken DJ; stuff unfamiliar but good. DJ asks that requests for music be sent to the Hfunderground. A very strong signal that deteriorated. Left the radio on after I stopped listening to get a promised SSTV image. The image recorded, but the words at the bottom were unreadable, so conditions changed. (45454 to apparently lousy, Hunsicker, PA)

WDDR/Drunken DJ Radio, 6935 USB, 0033-0213+, 05-12-16 SIO: 454/232, OM DJ with many shoutouts to those posting on the musical requests such as tunes by Aretha Franklin, Kenny Rogers, Diane Birch, Cab Calloway, etc. Said he was drinking wine, getting drunk. His synthesized female voiced companion, Robin, was teasing HFU poster “Skipmuck”. Same announcer also produces Wolverine Radio. Nice audio for USB, slowly fading into noise. [Lobdell-MA]

WDDR Drunken DJ Radio; 6935/U, 0018-0027+, 11-May; Eclectic pop tunes & DJ chatter. SIO=454; still going @0201 w/ID & chatter. (Frodge-MI)

5/12/16 0008-0319 UTC 6935 USB. Big S9+10-20 signal and superb audio fading into the noise by 0236 UTC, Drunken DJ taking song requests and playing tunes by The Pretenders, Vanilla Fudge, Dave Matthews Band, Diane Birch, Van Morrison, Kenny Rogers, The Bangles, Cab Calloway, Crowded House, Steely Dan, Elvis Costello and The Doors, op said he was drinking wine and shout outs to HFU listeners. (Filipkowski, RI)

5/9/16 0107-0113* UTC 6955 USB. UNID station right at the S3-4 noise level with rock music and sound effects, OM and YL talk but couldn't understand what was being said. (Filipkowski, RI)

5/10/16 0013-0052* UTC 6925 USB. S4-5 at start rising to S9 then wiped out by OTHR QRM between 0037-0050 UTC, audio from a 1952 film called Invasion USA about a nuclear attack on the US. (Filipkowski, RI)

none reported

none reported.

Radio Cinco de Mayo: Full data eQSL for the 5/5/16 broadcast. (Filipkowski, RI)

CWCW Radio: Full data "Merle Haggard Tribute Show" eQSL for the 5/5-6/16 broadcast. (Filipkowski, RI)

Wolverine Radio: Full data "wolverine on rock ledge" eQSL for the 5/8/16 broadcast. (Filipkowski, RI)
The Crystal Ship: Two full data eQSL, one for the 5/4/16 broadcast and a "The 80s Sound" for the 5/7/16 broadcast. (Filipkowski, RI)

WDDR Drunken DJ Radio: Full data "drunk guy" eQSL for the 5/12/16 broadcast. (Filipkowski, RI)

Electronic Mail Addresses for stations" onclick=";return false;


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