Free Radio Weekly #1059 06/18/16

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly #1059 06/18/16

Post by The Radical » Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:16 pm

FREE RADIO WEEKLY #1059: June 18, 2016
Covering Free Radio activity from June 11 – June 17, 2016

Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)


Harold Frodge ( )
Dave Turnick (
Larry Will (

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FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the hobby of listening to hobby pirates and distributed free to those who contribute.
Special News:

It’s pretty much a one DX’er show with Joseph Fillipkowski supplying 99.5% of this week logs.


Please QSL and think good thoughts about our contributors, without who, there is no newsletter:

#1059 Contributors
Joseph Filipkowski, RI
Chris Lobdell Box80146 Stoneham, MA 02180
Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702
Rich D'Angelo, 2216 Burkey Drive, Wyomissing, PA 19610, U.S.A.

All times are UTC
Radio Illuminati

6/13/16 0110-0145 UTC 6950 AM. S9 and moderate to heavy QRN, very good AM audio playing tunes "Green Tambourine", "Baby I Need Your Loving", "Soul Man", "Incense and Peppermints", "Keep Me Hanging On" and "Turn, Turn, Turn". (Filipkowski, RI)

Radio Illuminati, 6950 AM, 0147-0210*, 06-13-16 SIO: 333 Tunes by The Youngbloods, McCoys, Beach Boys, Jay & The Americans. Usually canned ID and close down announcement by male announcer. [Lobdell-MA]

Insane Radio

6/12/16 0230-0316* UTC 6949.7 AM. S4-5 and noisy with laughter, music and audio from a Cassius Clay boxing match, Insane Radio loop IDs. (Filipkowski, RI)

Boombox Radio

6/12/16 0004-0057 UTC 6976.5 AM. S5-7 and noisy with music by Lorde and Imagine Dragons, lots of Boombox Radio IDs. (Filipkowski, RI)

Radio Free Whatever
6/12/16 *0102-0226* UTC 6930 USB. S9 until 0154 UTC then S7-8 and eventually fading to noise level, DJ Dickweed and Stavin with one of the last shows from the RFW bunker, music by The Dead Kennedy's, Magic Wand, The Cramps, Black Keys, Dreamers and The Strokes, shout outs to HFU posters and talked about plans for a top secret second bunker, sign off with "do whatever". (Filipkowski, RI)

Radio Free Whatever, 6930 USB, 0112-0225*, 06-12-16 SIO: 343. Dick Weed and Stavin chatting away, mentioning they must leave the “bunker" that they transmit from soon. Playing tunes for those posting on the Music by the Strokes, Black Keys, Ratatat, The Replacements, etc. Fading badly here by 0225 sign off. [Lobdell-MA]

Undercover Radio

6/11/16 0102-0303 UTC 6925 AM. Variable signal at S5-9 and excellent AM audio, played some tunes by Alan Parsons Project, Christopher Cross, Cutting Crew, Michael McDonald and Gino Vannelli, just a weak carrier and no audio by 0303 UTC. (Filipkowski, RI)

The Crystal Ship

6/11/16 0252-0259* UTC 6876 AM. Very tough copy with bits of music heard under the QRN level. (Filipkowski, RI)

How Sweet It Is Radio

6/15/16 0000-0024 UTC 6976.6 AM. S9 and very noisy conditions then suddenly faded away at 0024 UTC, new pirate station with YL voice ID and gave for reports, OM comedy skit, "I'm In the Mood for Love" instrumental and "Alone Together" by Jackie Gleason Orchestra, said first broadcast. (Filipkowski, RI)

How Sweet It Is Radio: 6/17/16 0007-0017* UTC 6976.6 AM. S6-8 and some UTE QRM, big band music including "I Only Have Eyes For You", YL mentioned Ralph Kramden and "his variety show...", YL voice ID and gmail address. (Filipkowski, RI)

KVPH Voice Of Pearl Harbor

6/17/16 0022-0110* UTC 6925 USB. S8 then down to S6 at 0059 UTC and very good audio, D-Day Memorial Show with various newsreel items about the invasion, Winston Churchill speech, songs "This Is The Army Mr. Jones", "The Longest Day", "D-Day" and "Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin", OM voice IDs and mentioned a special QSL, QRT with air raid sirens, very interesting show! (Filipkowski, RI)

Old Time Radio

6/16/16 0116 UTC 6770 AM. Noted with S5 and noisy conditions. (Filipkowski, RI)


6/13/16 0036-0134 UTC 6925 AM. S9 and noisy conditions with excellent AM audio, OM synth voice reading off the HFU loggings of this unid station, music by Pogo, The Doors, John Lennon and Elton John, also played theme music from Sesame Street, Pink Panther, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and audio from the childrens TV show Teletubbies. (Filipkowski,RI

6908.50-USB, June 17 at 0040, after finding no pirates a semihour earlier, now here`s something very strange: Nixon`s first oath of office as Vice President in 1952, beside Eisenhower and Truman, apparently authentic historic recording but edited such that he repeats certain phrases of the oath, as if to mock Nixon that decades later he might violate them. Followed by heartfelt solo of ``America the Beautiful`` by old-style operatic tenor with exaggerated enunciation, two verses; and prayer by a rabbi. Then the whole thing repeats circa 0049. I`ve had enough when another repeat starts. RTTY on 6910.0 is nicely notched out by the NRD-545. Nixon ranged S3-S6 above noise level of S3-S4. Then I check HF Underground and Freeradiocafé, but no one else has reported this. Searching HFU on the name Nixon gets lots of interesting hits, but not this, and seems no other pirates have ever been reported on exactly this frequency. Please QSL (Hauser-OK)

6925 usb, 0214-0238 Jun 13, song “You Belong to Me” followed by other fairly old pop music tunes. Heard a man announcer in English at 0233 mentioning “untitled” twice and some other chatter but no ID noted. Seemed to disappear around 0238. Poor with deep fades. (D’Angelo-PA)


Coast FM

6/12/16 0044 UTC 6205 AM. Noted with pop music at noise level. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Joey

6/11/16 1831-1843 UTC 6325 AM (via Twente SDR): S9+20 with superb AM audio with songs "Fantasy World" and "It's A Loving Thing", ID as "Radio Joey from the Netherlands" and a shout out to me, big drop into the noise at 1840 UTC along with heavy UTE QRM. (Filipkowski,RI)

Relmus Radio aka Pierclan Party Radio

6/11/16 1822-1914 UTC 6285 AM (via Twente SDR): Variable signal at S6-9 and great AM audio playing songs by Pussycat, Eric Clapton,The Searchers and Elvis Presley. (Filipkowski,RI)

Free Radio Victoria

6/11/16 1733-1753* and 1850-1856 UTC 6255 AM (via Twente SDR): S8-9+ and great AM audio with tunes by Womack and Womack, Rocco Granata and Alan Parsons Project, interesting music and spoken word piece about Mars, shout out to me and FRV IDs, off at 1753 UTC with technical problems and back on around 1850 UTC before fading into the noise at 1856 UTC. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Merlin International

6/11/16 1649-1730+ UTC 6305 AM (via Twente SDR): S7-9 and noisy with YL DJ Nellie playing songs by Run DMC, Rob Base, Earth Wind and Fire and Sister Sledge, RMI jingle IDs and promo for station website (Filipkowski,RI)

Hit Mix Radio

6/10/16 2148-2203* UTC 6290 AM (via Twente SDR): S8-9 with songs by Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line, OM said "closing down good night" before QRT. (Filipkowski,RI)

Hit Mix Radio: 6/17/16 1710-1717+ UTC 6285 AM (via Twente SDR): S7-8 and noisy conditions playing German pop music and OM talking in German. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Anthony

6/10/16 2133-2147* UTC 6375 AM (via Twente SDR): S7-8 with music including a song by Joy, YL voice IDs and email address. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Blauwe Panter

6/10/16 2044-2047* UTC 6400 AM (via Twente SDR): S7-8 with "Whiskey In The Jar" by Thin Lizzy, ID by OM and hello's then off. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Zwarte Pante

6/10/16 1628-1704 UTC 6235 AM (via Twente SDR): S9-9+10 playing songs by Hanny, Andre Hazes, Koos Alberts and Henk Wijingaard, shout outs to Anton in Belgium and myself, OM said "good evening", ID per Euro chat room. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Pioneer

6/10/16 1705-1802+ UTC 6290 AM (via Twente SDR): S9+ and great AM audio with lots of songs by U2 and INXS, also played tunes by Abba, Diesel and Kim Carnes, ID as "This is Radio Pioneer the Netherlands" and mentions of "this is a free radio shortwave frequency". (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Norton

6/10/16 1804-1820 UTC 6300 AM (via Twente SDR): S9 and heavy UTE QRM, ID as "Radio Norton from the Netherlands" and OM said "good evening", music by The Doors, Dire Straits and Mana, off or signal overtaken by the strong UTE at 1820 UTC. (Filipkowski,RI)

Studio 52 Radio

6/10/16 2026-2110 UTC 6290 AM (via Twente SDR): S8-9+ and great AM audio playing songs by Kenny Rogers, Huey Lewis and The News and some polka music, relay via Hit Mix Radio and ID per Euro chat room. (Filipkowski,RI)


none reported.

Rock and Roll Radio: Full data eQSL for Twente SDR reception on 6/9/16. (Filipkowski,RI)

Boombox Radio: Full data eQSL for the 6/12/16 broadcast. (Filipkowski,RI)

WJD: Frequency only "Indiana" eQSL for the 4/16/16 broadcast. (Filipkowski,RI)

Relmus Radio: No data eQSL for Twente SDR reception on 6/11/16. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Anthony: Full data eQSL for Twente SDR reception on 6/10/16. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Merlin International: Full data "YL pirate" eQSL, letter and studio pictures for Twente SDR reception on 6/9/16. (Filipkowski,RI

Free Radio Victoria: Full data eQSL and confirmation letter for Twente SDR reception on 6/11/16. (Filipkowski,RI)

Hit Mix Radio: No data eQSL and studio pictures for Twente SDR reception on 6/10/16. (Filipkowski,RI)

Electronic Mail Addresses for stations" onclick=";return false;


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