Free Radio Weekly #1062 07/16/16

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly #1062 07/16/16

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Covering Logs from 2 thru 15–July-2016 (0.0)
EDITOR THIS WEEK: Harold Frodge [ .='`"``=.

Harold Frodge (
Dave Turnick (
Larry Will (

Send your logs to all editors in case of assigned changes.

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the
hobby of listening to hobby pirates and distributed free to
those who contribute.

Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)

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Our Contributors...a bunch that knows how to make good use
of free time.

Joe Filipkowski, Warwick RI
Harold Frodge, Midland MI, Drake R8B + 185’ RW
William Hassig, 102 North Russel St., Mt. Prospect IL
Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702,,
NRD-545 + ALA-330S, IC-R75, FRG-7, PL-880 + random wires
Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing PA 19610-2102
Chris Lobdell, Tewksbury MA, Eton E1, JRC NRD-535 +
G5RV dipole.
Don Moore, DXing from Zion PA
Bernie S.
Larry Will; 28723 Ridge Road, Mount Airy MD 21771-4436;
DXing from Lost River State Park, Mathias WV, Icom
IC-R-75 & Tecsun PL-600 + 100’ long wire at about 40’


OUR EDITORIAL POLICY: What editorial policy? Just send your
stuff in, we'll handle the rest.

Via Bernie S.: This New York State Broadcasters Report on radio
pirates is very interesting, even though it's only about FM
pirates. The report reads like a guide for FCC field enforcement
agents on where to go to bust pirates. It has some great mate-
rial, including a "Pirate Operation Locations" section where the
author includes actual street addresses and photos of some
pirates' antennas. ... %20pdf.pdf" onclick=";return false;


=+=+=+=+= North American Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


7/10, 0354-0412, 6925/U; S3-4 with S5 peaks & very good audio
playing AC/DC tunes including Whole Lotta Rosie, Bad Boy
Boogie & Problem Child, faded into the noise at 0412.
7/10, 1405-1441*, 6925/U; S3-4 rising to S7-8 with S9 peaks
& excellent audio, OM with Brockett 99 IDs & gmail
address mentioning "this is only a test", lots of AC/DC
tunes including Back In Black, Love Bomb, Thunderstruck
& This House Is On Fire. (Filipkowski,RI)


7/11, 0054-0131*, 6924.3/AM; S5-6 playing blues music & Walking
On The Sun by Smash Mouth, Twilight Zone theme music, YL
voice IDs, QRM from the peskies at times. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/11, 0106, 6924.32/AM; rock music, jam session at S5, vs noise
peaks of S8, and weakening. This thread http://www" onclick=";return false;.,29008.0.html
says it`s Captain Morgan Shortwave, which I may not have
logged before (Glenn Hauser, OK)
7/11, 0125-0131*, 6924.4/AM; Unidentified but likely Captain
Morgan; Music with QRM from the peskies. A partial ID:
… (25342, Hunsicker, PA)
7/11, 0126-0131:38*, 6924.35/AM; Rock tunes; ID over Twilight
Zone theme at s/off. Lotsa QRN (Frodge-MI)


7/15, 0051-0120*, 6930/U; S4-5 playing tunes by Beatles, Judas
Priest, The B52s, Santana, Blues Brothers & Alan Parsons
Project, several IDs & "thank you for listening" at QRT.


7/2, 0035, 6770/AM; Jack Benny Show, guest Phil Silvers.
Good signal, s3/s5 steady. (Will-WV)
7/9, 0258-0303, 6770/AM; S3 & noisy conditions with big
band music & comedy program. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/10, 0025-0032+, 6770/AM; S2-3 with some S4-5 peaks, ad
for Lucky Strike cigarettes, mentioned the Lucky
Strike program starring Jack Benny into dialogue
about Thanksgiving. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/12, 0007-0009, 6770/AM; Forties music blighted by a very
nasty local hum which actually made listening uncom-
fortable. (35342, Hunsicker, PA)
7/14, 0124-0128, 6770/AM; Skit with a man & woman. Unus-
able due to poor strength & severe QRN (Hunsicker, PA)


7/4, 0203, 6924.7/U; weak, urban contemporary tune have
you seen her?, blues rock tune, Morse code ID which
I got from HFU (I'm not fluent in Morse). (Hassig-IL)
7/4, 0210-0223, 6924.7; Morse code message at 0223 wasn't
recording & my copy skills weren't fast enough for
it. Off after the code ID. (4 July 2DHM-PA)


7/1, 2338, 6875/AM; Bram Stoker with "You might be a DXer"
bit. 2341, Monty Python theme, 2343, interview with
Scarfman "why are you always writing down those serial
numbers?" Fair signal, good AM sound, s5/s7 variable
on the PL-600. (Will-WV)
7/1, 2350, 6873.4/AM; poor/weak, heard male talking under
low noise level. (Hassig-IL)
7/2, 2120, 6925/AM; Bram Stoker with "top reasons people
listen to Radio Azteca." Bram's first theorem of
pirate numerology. 2122, "this is Radio Azteca, more
fun to listen to than a ham contest." s20+, very
solid signal and sound on the R-75. (Will-WV)
7/3, 0037, 6925/AM; good signal, s5, sounds like another
station is here underneath, possibly on the sideband.
7/8, *2225-2240, 6925.3/AM; S5-6 with peskie QRM, ID by
Bram Stoker, mailbag segment with letters from Neil
Wolfish & Scott Gentry, Animal Stories bit, faded
into the noise at 2240 UTC. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/9, 0026-0101*, 6925/AM; Signal under the noise but could
hear Bram Stoker's voice at times. (Filipkowski,RI)


7/6, 0133-0159*, 6935/U; Test b’cast from a new location.
Said to be far, far away from the old transmitter
site, thus the reduced signal strengths that were
reported to the HFUnderground. All music until the
end when Dick IDed & chatted about his "horrible test
broadcast." Signal strength & overall merit improved
toward the end of the BC. (35443, Hunsicker, PA)
7/7, 0031-0148+, 6945/U; SIO:232 Dick Weed & Stavin tes-
ting equipment at new bunker location. Rock music,
talk by Stavin, dog is licking DW’s arm. [Lobdell-MA]
7/7, 0104-0147+, 6945/U; DJ Dick Weed & Stavin w/rock &
chatter. SIO=353+ + lotsa QRN (Frodge-MI)


7/2, 0106, 6950/AM; Non-stop sixties rock music, Beatles,
Rolling Stones, Moody Blues, etc. Radio Illuminati ID
at 0115. s9 steady signal, very good sound. Signal
slowly deteriorated, down to s5 by 0128. (Will-WV)
7/3, 0000-0033+, 6950/AM; SIO:343 Rock tunes by The Rol-
ling Stones, Faces, Jefferson Airplane. Signal buil-
ding in strength. E QSL received the next day!
7/3, 0039, 6950/AM; Music by The Who, I can see for miles,
Clapton Hello Old Friend, Neil Young Heart of Gold.
Radio Illuminati ID at 0050 with email contact radio
illuminati 6150 at gmail or Radio Illuminati on face-
book. Very good signal and excellent sound, s5/s7 on
the PL-600. (Will-WV)
7/3, 0048-0052, 6950/AM; poor/high noise, got end of broad-
cast, email, that's
right, 6150, not 6950. (Hassig-IL)
7/9, 1505-1548, 6950/AM; S7-9 & great AM audio with a "B"
themed music show playing songs by Besnard Lakes, The
Buggles, BIlly Joel, Bruce Hornsby & Boston, hello's
to HFU listeners. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/10, 0038-0219, 6950/AM; Variable signal at S3-9 & usual
great AM audio, more "B" themed music by Bad Company,
Beach House, Big Data, The Brothers Johnson, Boz
Scaggs & Blue Oyster Cult, faded into the noise at
0219. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/10, 0124, 6950/AM; fair at first with static, soft pop/
rock including video killed the radio star,, that's right, 6150
not 6950 in the email address. (Hassig-IL)
7/10, 0207-0224:42*, 6950/AM; Lite pop music to repeated
IDs w/addy @0222 o/Blues Bros. theme; radioilluminati SIO-353 in QRN (Frodge-MI)


7/3, 0044, 7610/AM; I find a pirate here discussing times
which don`t match current: 8:21 ET, 7:21 CT, etc., as
monolog continues. Very poor S3 vs Kansas storm noise
level of S5. 0048 brief music maybe a jingle, mostly
music after 0050. 0058 recheck is off, then much stron-
ger carrier cuts on and off and on, same or different
station? Now S9, 0101 starts talking with background
noise, unreadable, then something about television from
South America, blond blue-eyed beautiful Aryans; 0102
past 0117 nothing but music, classic rock segues. Wish
he had put some IDs in there. By 0120 peaking at S9+20,
and I refine frequency to 7609.97--then I have to quit
and do some mowing before it gets dark even tho it`s
above 27 degrees. Recheck at 0243 July 3, it`s still
on. Talking about gospel huxters, inviting Brother
Scare to pay him to broadcast his stuff; S9+10, more
rock music. At 0300, announcement of thanks and shout-
out to Kentucky; correct time as 0300 hours UT, refers
to X-FM on 6885 (which I have also been hearing; sepa-
rate log), band improving, and 7610 op has been lis-
tening to 6885 which he says has SSB QRM from 6881, but
clear if tuned on USB. Fourth of July wishes; tech
details on his AM carrier: 15 amps at 240 volts. I still
can`t understand an ID he seemingly gives before close-
down at 0302* MANY others have been logging this in HF
Underground as MAC Shortwave: http://www.hfunderground" onclick=";return false;.
com/board/index.php/topic,28899.0.html However, the
closing ID is reported as Red Beacon Radio!
(Glenn Hauser, OK)
7/4, 0131, 7610.01/AM; soft music, S6 vs S9 Kansas storm
noise level; still at 0200. Also UNIDENTIFIED to many
in this thread, described as atmospheric music, like
on Hearts of Space." onclick=";return false;
index.php/topic,28914.0.html Cf last night when 7610
bore MAC Shortwave/Red Beacon Radio (Glenn Hauser, OK)
7/4, 0038, 7610/AM; fair/poor with static, spacey music
like the program "music from the hearts of space" on
npr, seemed to be same CD on repeat, no announcements.


7/5, 0242-0246*, 6925/U; SIO:343 Springsteen’s Born In
The USA, Suicide Is Painless aka the Theme From MASH,
then ID & off. Nice audio for SSB. [Lobdell-MA]


7/15, 0217-0223*, 6935/U; S7 with music by Dire Straits &
Michael Jackson, ID per HFU loggings. (Filipkowski,RI)


7/4, 0218, 6924.72/U; Skippy Radio per HFU posts; Guitar
blues music, fine signal, s7 peaks, crispy audio.
CW at 0222 & off. (Will-WV)
7/4, 0242, 6925.3/U; Skippy Radio per HFU posts; Bluesy
music, into a spacey track "take a deep breath, relax"
into more bluesy rock music at 0256. Faded away by
0302. s5 peaks early on, on the R-75. (Will-WV)


7/3, 0005-0027, 6930/U; SIO:232 Music by Russian rap
artist, several songs by the same group. Instrumental
theme From The Pink Panther on piano 0027, quick ID’s
by YL announcer. [Lobdell-MA]
7/3, 0022, 6930.00/U; rap music, S6 vs the S9 storm noise
level. These logs say it was WJD Radio Indiana:" onclick=";return false;,
28895.0.html (Glenn Hauser, OK)
7/7, 0007-0024+, 6930/U; SIO:333 Variety of music, some
classical piano, video game [Nintendo] sound effects,
station ID by YL. [Lobdell-MA]


7/3, 0053-0158, 6950/U; good as usual, s-on with "testing
1 2 3 can anybody hear me?", flower themed program,
old acoustical 78 if you wore a tulip, apple blossom
time, Glenn Miller blue orchids, R Stones dead flowers,
several tunes by Grateful Dead, SSTV/FAX at 0156.
7/3, 0112, 6950.00/U; big band music, soon Wolverine Radio
ID, S9+25. Off at 0244 check (Glenn Hauser, OK)
7/3, 0113-0133+, 6950/U; SIO:454 Songs about flowers.
Tunes by Arnett Cobb, Ella Fitzgerald,, Rolling Stones,
Grateful Dead. etc. Usual terse “Wolverine Radio”
ID’s by male. [Lobdell-MA]


7/3, 0246, 6884.973/AM;talk about July 4, great country
of ours; 0248 ID ``XFM shortwave, glorious C-QUAM AM
stereo``, greeting Tim Rahto; address xfmshortwave@, phone number clearly copied is 408-800-
6925. 408 AC is east of San Francisco CA, so it could
be a forwarder. Another slogan: ``music to the power
of X``. (7610 station was also listening and signed
off at 0302 recommending we retune to XFM)
(Glenn Hauser, OK)
7/3, 0303, 6885/AM; fair/static, good audio, modern pop
music, playing requests,
7/3, 0348-0405+, 6885/AM; SIO:222 Music & talk, just
underneath the noise floor. Caught an ID & mention of
the hfunderground. [Lobdell-MA]


7/12, 0002-0221*, 6955/U; S3-5 with some reggae, rock and
punk music. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/13, 0118-0128+, 6955/U; Variety pop; “XLR8” ID. SIO=2+53
in the QRN (Frodge-MI)
7/13, 0128-0135+, 6955/U; SIO:232 Tunes by Snow Patrol &
Vandaveer, ID 0135, fading in & out. [Lobdell-MA]


7/2, 0133, 6925.00/U; the only pirate signal audible is
S7-S5 vs storm noise level at least as loud, with
Joao Felipe {de} Sousa march music for the Fourth
Weekend, but over at 0134 and announcement ``this
is --- --- station``, only once, can`t read it, and
off? A minute later CW VVV marker possibly from same
station but can`t read it either as disrupted by ute
blaaap bursts, and only sent once, nothing further
past 0138. Well, HF Underground will have the answer
--NOT, but a couple other logs of it from Warwick to
Denver, as unID:" onclick=";return false;
index.php/topic,28886.0.html More logs of the ``Sousa
Station`` on July 3: (Glenn Hauser, OK)
7/4, 2353, 6960.00/U; S5 signal with song about rock &
roll. Also unID in only two other logs here: http://" onclick=";return false;,
28928.0.html (Glenn Hauser, OK)
7/11, 0113, 6935.0/U; songs at S7, but apparently stops at
0118. No logs of this on HF Underground or Free Radio
Cafe (Glenn Hauser, OK< DX LISTENING DIGEST)
7/11, 0319-0429*, 6925/AM/USB; S6-8 with xylophone music,
sound effects, electronic music & a few SSTVs, station
on & off switching between USB & AM. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/11, 2254-2310, 8060/AM; Tough copy with signal under the
noise, could hear talking but not enough to decipher
it, per HFU logging. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/12, 0045-0142+, 8060/AM; 2 dudes talking mainly about
sex; some occ’l music. SIO=444- w/MANY audio cutouts
& one brief warble QRM. Tnx to tip from JoeFlips on
the Free Radio Net. 0320, still going. +++ 1404-1409+,
12-July; still going w/variety pop music; buried at
QRN lvl. (Frodge-MI)
7/12, 0244-0313, 6925/AM/USB; S5-6 & noisy conditions,
songs by Rush and Michael Jackson, switched to USB
at 0313with music but signal very weak.
7/14, 1420-1426 & 2048-2101*, 8060/AM; S5 & great AM audio
with Can't You See by Marshall Tucker Band till sudden
fade out at 1426, tuned back in at 2048 with S5-6 signal
& heard interval signals from Radio Canada International,
Radio Denmark & Radio Prague. (Filipkowski,RI)
7/15, 0125*, 6935/U; S6 with a bit of Don't Stop Till You Get
Enough by Michael Jackson then off, maybe RFF Radio?
7/15, 0208-0224, 6935/U; and maybe back at 0240 with Ghost-
busters theme. A test transmission to work out the kinks.
In Wyomissing, the BC was only relatively good toward the
end. There might have been an ID at 0221 with the recor-
ding played faster that it was recorded. Something like
"blah, blah, blah 6935". (Very poor to Okay quality,
Hunsicker, PA) [Presume RFF Radio]
7/15, 0210-0214, 6930/U; Strange music then gone. No ID.
Note that is was on at the same time as the Unidentified
6935 BC & that there was some adjacent channel interfe-
rence. (Poor, Hunsicker, PA)

Sordid Logs:

0035 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770/AM
0106-0128 Radio Illuminati, 6950/AM
0133-0138 UNID, 6925.00/U
2120 Radio Azteca, 6925/AM
0000-0052 Radio Illuminati, 6950/AM
0005-0027 WJD Radio Indiana, 6930/U
0037 Radio Azteca, 6925/AM
0044-0302 Red Beacon Radio, 7610/AM
0053-0158 Wolverine Radio, 6950/U
0246-0405 XFM, 6885/AM
0038 Red Beacon Radio, 7610/AM
0203-0223 Pee Wee Radio, 6924.7/U
0218-0222 Skippy Radio, 6924.72/U
0242-0302 Skippy Radio, 6925.3/U
2353 UNID, 6960.00/U
0242-0246 Renegade Radio, 6925/U
0133-0159 Radio Free Whatever, 6935/U
0007-0024 WJD Radio Indiana, 6930/U
0031-0148 Radio Free Whatever, 6945/U
2225-2240 Radio Azteca, 6925.3/AM
0026-0101 Radio Azteca, 6925/AM
0258-0303 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770/AM
1505-1548 Radio Illuminati, 6950/AM
0025-0032 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770/AM
0038-0225 Radio Illuminati, 6950/AM
0354-0412 Brockett 99, 6925/U
1405-1441 Brockett 99, 6925/U
0054-0131 Captain Morgan SW, 6924.3/AM
0113-0118 UNID, 6935.0/U
0319-0429 UNID, 6925/AM/U
2254-2310 UNID, 8060/AM
0002-0221 XLR8, 6955/U
0007-0009 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770/AM
0045-0320 UNID, 8060/AM
0244-0313 UNID, 6925/AM/USB
1404-1409 UNID, 8060/AM
0118-0135 XLR8, 6955/U
0124-0128 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770/AM
1420-1426 UNID, 8060/AM
2048-2101 UNID, 8060/AM
0051-0120 Moonlight Radio, 6930/U
0125 UNID, 6935/U
0210-0214 UNID, 6930/U
0217-0223 RFF Radio, 6935/U


Radio Illuminati: Four full data eQSLs for the 6/5/16, 6/13/16,
7/9/16 and 7/10/16 broadcasts via HFU loggings. (Filipkowski,RI)

Brockett 99: Full data "test broadcast" eQSL for both 7/10/16
broadcasts. (Filipkowski,RI)

X-FM: Three full data eQSLs for the 11/1/15, 11/14/15 & 12/12/15
broadcasts. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Night Rider: Full data eQSL for the 6/9/16 broadcast via
Twente SDR. (Filipkowski,RI)

Radio Doctor Tim: Full data eQSL for the 6/22/16 broadcast via
Twente SDR. (Filipkowski,RI)
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Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:" onclick=";return false;
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