Free Radio Weekly #1085 12/17/2016

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly #1085 12/17/2016

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Free Radio Weekly #1085, Saturday, December 17, 2016
Covering free radio activity from December 10-16, 2016

The Free Radio Weekly (FRW) is an internet newsletter devoted to the
hobby of listening to free radio "pirate" broadcasters in the
shortwave radio bands. The FRW is produced by the free radio community
and distributed to those who contribute.

The weekly deadline is Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North
America). Please send your logs to all the editors, as our editing
schedule is subject to last minute changes. Thank you for your inputs!

== FRW editors ==

Harold Frodge (
Dave Turnick (
Larry Will (

FRW 1085 December 17 Larry
FRW 1086 December 24 David
FRW 1087 December 31 Harold
FRW 1088 January 7 Larry

== Contributors ==

Please QSL and think good thoughts about our contributors, without
who, there is no newsletter!

Joe Filipkowski, Warwick RI

Harold Frodge, Midland MI, USA
5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642-3156
Drake R8B + 185' & 60' RW + 125' bow-tie

William Hassig,

Glenn Hauser
P O Box 1684
Enid OK 73702
P- or E-QSLs welcomed
NRD-545 with ALA-330S, IC-R75, PL-880, random wires

== News ==

SWL Winterfest 30, March 2-4, 2017, Doubletree Guest Suites
Philadelphia West, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

The Winter SWL Fest is a conference of radio hobbyists of all stripes,
from DC to daylight. Every year scores of hobbyists descend on the
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs for a weekend of camaraderie. The
Fest is sponsored by NASWA, the North American Shortwave Association,
but it covers much more than just shortwave; mediumwave (AM),
scanning, satellite TV, and pirate broadcasting are among the other
topics that the Fest covers. Whether you’ve been to every Fest (all
29, starting with the first year at the fabled Pink & Purple Room of
the Fiesta Motor Inn) or this year’s will be your first, you’re sure
to find a welcome from your fellow hobbyists.

For 2017, the 30th Annual (!!) Winter SWL Fest will have three days of
sessions where you can learn about the latest developments in the
radio listening hobbies, but there’s so much more going on. There’s a
silent auction that takes place, where you’re bound to find something
of interest. There’s the Hospitality Suite, where attendees partake of
tuning oil and other treats and engage in spirited conversations.
There is the closing Banquet, with after-dinner remarks by a luminary
from the field, often one of the many broadcasters who attend the
Fest, followed by the raffle, where you could win one or more of the
dozens of prizes, ranging from pens from stations up to top-notch
communications receivers. And of course, the infamous midnight ride of
Pancho Villa that closes things out every year.

More at" onclick=";return false;

== Sordid Logs ==

** December 10

0042-0300 XFM 6885a
0313-0321 Unid 6930u
1455-1545 Radio Enterhaken 6925u
1704-1731 Unid 6930a
1913-2026 Cool AM Radio 6929a
2133-2149 Channel Z Radio 6925a
2334-2335 Unid 6930a
2342-2359 Moonlight Radio 6930u
2343-2343 Unid 6955u
2346-2346 Unid 6955u

** December 11

0000-0015 Moonlight Radio 6930u
0018-0102 Lee County Radio 6951a
0042-0047 Skippy Radio 6946u
0100-0102 Radio Free Euphoria 6931u
0102-0102 Unid 6940u
1409-1434 Channel Z Radio 6240a
1437-1533 Channel Z Radio 6925a
2021-2058 Channel Z Radio 6282a
2111-2157 Cool AM Radio 6929a
2316-2322 Old Time Radio 6770a

** December 12

0341-0407 Unid 6969u

** December 13

1513-1629 Relay Station 5150 5150a
2330-2359 Amphetamine Radio 6925u

** December 14

0000-0037 Amphetamine Radio 6925u
1535-1630 Relay Station 5150 5150a
2105-2144 Sekio Radio 6925u

** December 15

0339-0339 YHWH 5790a
1842-2001 Relay Station 5150 5150a
2015-2044 Relay Station 5150 5150a
2207-2220 Old Time Radio 6770a

** December 16

1702-1744 Relay Station 5150 5150a
2120-2143 Johnny Tobacco 6285a

== North American Logs ==

** Amphetamine Radio

Amphetamine Radio: 12/13-14/16 2330-0037* UTC 6925 USB. S1-2 with CW
and OM voice IDs, several SSTVs, music by Paul McCartney, AC/DC, Frank
Zappa, Third Eye Blind, Nick Lowe, The Cars and Ozzy Osbourne, live
time check and sign off with Star Spangled Banner. (Filipkowski, RI)

** Channel Z Radio

Channel Z Radio: 12/11/16 1409-1434* UTC 6240 AM. S7-8 at tune in then
signal down to S2-3 by 1428 UTC with superb AM audio, Xmas show with
obscure tunes by The Greedies, Florence and The Machine, Blondie, Kate
Bush and Kate Nash, ID jingles and gave gmail address and BRS, PA
maildrop for reports, nice show! (Filipkowski, RI)

Channel Z Radio: 12/11/16 1437-1533* UTC 6925 AM. S7-8 then down to
S3-4 around 1525 UTC and back up to S7-8 just before sign off, replay
of station's Xmas show with songs by Curtis Blow, James Brown and
Binky Griptite also noted. (Filipkowski, RI)

Channel Z Radio: 12/11/16 2021-2058 UTC 6282 AM. S9 at tune in and
signal suddenly faded away by 2058 UTC, repeat of the Xmas show.
(Filipkowski, RI)

6925.04-AM, Dec 10 at 2133, pirate already audible here, music with
heavy disco beat at S9+5, somewhat undermodulated, and carrier
wobbling. Still same at 2149 but a little stronger to S9+10. Several
logs here, all from further east, say it was Channel Z with an Xmas
show, Blondie; none with a precise frequency, just 6925: ... ic=31553.0" onclick=";return false;

** Cool AM Radio

Cool AM Radio: 12/10/16 1913-2026* UTC 6929.1 AM. S7-8 and great AM
audio with a Xmas program, songs included "Pipes Of Peace", "Spirit In
The Sky", "We Shall Overcome", "Naughty Naughty Christmas" and "Santa
Claus Is Coming To Town", YL voice IDs along with Xmas greetings and a
promo for Pirates For Peace. (Filipkowski, RI)

Cool AM Radio: 12/11/16 2111-2157 UTC 6929.2 AM. Very weak signal down
in the noise then just above noise level at 2157 UTC, replay of
station's Xmas program. (Filipkowski, RI)

** Lee County Radio

Lee County Radio: 12/11/16 0018-0053* UTC 6950.9 AM. S4-5 and faded to
S2 at 0025 UTC, new pirate station playing punk rock tunes by The
Immortal Lee County Killers including "Killer 45" and "Said I'd Find
My Way", OM DJ mentioned HF Underground several times and said "ok how
was that?, you want another one?" between songs, also mentioned Andrew
Yoder. (Filipkowski, RI)

6950.90-AM, Dec 11 at 0102, unID pirate music at S6 below noise level.
A couple logs here on same exact frequency say it was a new pirate,
Lee County Radio. ... ic=31561.0" onclick=";return false;
If that`s really the name (they were not 100% sure), where are there
Lee counties? First, don`t forget Lea County in SE NM (Hobbs,
Lovington). As for Lee: AL, AR, FL, GA, IA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TX, VA.
That narrows it down!

We sure know why so many southern states have Lee counties, but IA?
Wikipedia says: ``There is no agreement about the derivation of the
name "Lee." It has been variously proposed that the county was named
for Marsh, Delevan & Lee, of Albany, New York, and the 'New York Land
Company', who owned extensive interests in the Half-Breed Tract in the
1830s; Robert E. Lee, who surveyed the Des Moines Rapids; or Albert
Lea, who helped explore the interior of Iowa`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** Moonlight Radio

Moonlight Radio: 12/10-11/16 2342-0015* UTC 6930 USB. S1-2 with Xmas
music including Michael Bolton and Trans Siberian Orchestra, OM with
station ID and said "Merry Christmas HFU" at sign off. (Filipkowski,

** Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio: 12/11/16 2316-2322 UTC 6770 AM. S1-2 with noisy
conditions, discussion between two OMs with one of them yelling,
musical interlude then signal faded out at 2322 UTC. (Filipkowski, RI)

OLD RADIO PROGRAM PIRATE: 6770.06/AM, 2207-2220+, 15-Dec; Might be
Burns & Allen; Palmolive soap ad. Occ’l copiable peak, but mainly
buried in the QRN. 1st time I’ve hrd anything copiable in many months.

** Radio Enterhaken

Radio Enterhaken: 12/10/16 1455-1545* UTC 6925 USB. S3-4 at tune in
then up to S7-8 at 1524 UTC, music including cover versions of "Spirit
In The Sky" and "Highway To Hell", OM/YL voice IDs in German and
English and said "free radio from Europe to the world", comedy ads for
the US Coast Guard and Beaver Retriever, Radio Morania's "6000 Pound
Spaghetti Harvest" skit and a SSTV image, very entertaining show!
(Filipkowski, RI)

** Radio Free Euphoria

Radio Free Euphoria, 6931.6v usb, 12-11-16, 0100utc, fair with low
noise, slow updrift in freq to 6932, a tune by Jimi Hendrix, also a
tune from the play "Hair", (?)(not sure).

6931.50-USB, Dec 11 at 0102, lucky to hear Radio Free Euphoria ID just
as I tune in, S7 vs about equal noise level. Only one log of it here,
from William Hassig near Chicago, 6931.6v: ... ic=31563.0" onclick=";return false;

** Relay Station 5150

Relay Station 5150: 12/14/16 1535-1630+ UTC 5150 AM. S8-9 with mashups
of various songs then a relay of X-FM. (Filipkowski, RI)

Relay Station 5150: 12/13/16 1513-1629+ UTC 5150 SM. S5-6 with mashups
of songs by Quiet Riot, Doobie Brothers, Gwen Stefani, Linkin Park and
Aerosmith, Star Wars parody skit and a relay of Radio Free Whatever.
(Filipkowski, RI)

RELAY STATION 5150: 5150/AM, 2015-2024+, 15-Dec; Weak music w/QRN. A
tad better in USB. ID per JoeFLIPS post on the Free Radio Net.

Relay Station 5150: 12/16/16 1702-1744+ UTC 5150 AM. S7-8 at tune in
then signal down to S5-6 at 1739 UTC, remix versions of songs by Led
Zeppelin, Katy Perry, Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie. (Filipkowski,

Relay Station 5150: 12/15/16 1842-2001 UTC 5150 AM. S5-6 with remixes
and mash ups of various tunes. (Filipkowski, RI)

** Sekio Radio

Sekio Radio: 12/14/16 2105-2144* UTC 6925 USB. S3-4 playing rap music
and a slowed down version of the song "You're The Inspiration", OM
talking about near death experiences, comedy skit about politics, CW
and three SSTVs with station ID, off with Canadian National Anthem.
(Filipkowski, RI)

SEKIO RADIO: 6925/U, 2137-2144*, 14-Dec; Ballad at tune-in to SSTV
2138:42-2140:30, then two repeats of the Canadian Nat’l Anthem & off.
At QRN lvl. ID per JoeFLIPS post on the Free Radio Net. “Different”
pirate #754 heard, a sordid achievement. (Frodge-MI)

** Skippy Radio

Skippy Radio: 12/11/16 0042-0047* UTC 6946 USB. S2-3 playing Chipmunk
style Xmas songs including "We Wish You A Merry Xmas". (Filipkowski,

** Unid

(unid), 6955usb, 12-10-16, 2343utc, weak with low noise, comedy C&W
tune. (Hassig-IL)

UNID: 12/10/16 2346 UTC 6955 USB. S2-3 playing same comedy song heard
on 6930 AM. (Filipkowski, RI)

UNID: 12/10/16 2334-2335* 6930 AM. S2 with a comedy song OM vocals.
(Filipkowski, RI)

UNID: 12/10/16 1704-1731 UTC 6930 AM. Very weak signal on and off with
music and other bits of audio. (Filipkowski, RI)

UNID: 12/10/16 0313-0321 UTC 6930 USB. Very weak signal with OM
talking and music. (Filipkowski, RI)

UNID: 12/12/16 0341-0407 UTC 6969 USB. Weak signal along with heavy
QRM from a nearby UTE station, rock music and brief OM talk.
(Filipkowski, RI)

6940-USB, Dec 11 at 0102, unID pirate music at S9. No logs of this at
HFU. Soon gone as were the others by 0145. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** XFM

XFM, 6885am, 12-10-16, 0107utc, fair/poor with static and fading,
heavy metal music, fade during ID, said "nine past one utc", (Hassig-IL)

X-FM: 12/10/16 0042-0300 UTC 6885 AM. S3-4 at tune in then signal up
to S4-5 by 0149 UTC, host Redhat playing music by Adele, Billy Idol,
DeBarge, Bobby Caldwell and Twenty One Pilots, station IDs and slogan
of "music to the power of X", gave shout outs to listeners and signal
faded out at 0300 UTC. (Filipkowski, RI)


5790, Dec 15 at 0339, JBA carrier, presumed [Station YHWH] as tipped
by Tim Tromp, MI at 0325 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

== European Logs ==

** Johnny Tobacco: 12/16/16 2120-2143* UTC 6285 AM. S1-2 playing music
by Ricky Nelson and Hank Williams, JT with ID and shout outs to
listeners. (Filipkowski, RI)

== QSLs ==

** Channel Z Radio: Three full data Xmas eQSLs #399, 401 and 403 for
the 12/11/16 broadcasts. (Filipkowski, RI)

** Lee County Radio: Frequency and date eQSL #1 for the 12/11/16
broadcast per my HFU logging. (Filipkowski, RI)

** Radio Enterhaken: Full data "pirates in a bathtub" eQSL and SSTV
test image for the 12/10/16 broadcast per my HFU logging.
(Filipkowski, RI)

** Skippy Radio: Full data "Xmas squirrel" eQSL for the 12/11/16
broadcast per my HFU logging. (Filipkowski, RI)

** WREC Radio Free East Coast: Full data "radio ship" eQSL for the
12/10/16 Radio Enterhaken relay per my HFU logging. (Filipkowski, RI)

== Internet Resources ==

Free radio station contacts:" onclick=";return false;

The FRW on Facebook: ... 6592073251" onclick=";return false;

HF Underground" onclick=";return false;

Free Radio Cafe" onclick=";return false;

The FRN" onclick=";return false;

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