Free Radio Weekly #1087 12/31/2016

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Free Radio Weekly #1087 12/31/2016

Post by The Radical » Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:30 am

Covering Logs from 24 thru 30–December-2016 (0.0)
EDITOR THIS WEEK: Harold Frodge [ .='`"``=.

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Dave Turnick (
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Joe Filipkowski, Warwick RI
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Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702,


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=+=+=+=+= North American Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


12/30, 0215-0301*, 3375/U; S1-2 at tune in, up to S5-6 by 0228 then
faded into the noise at 0242 & back up to S3-4 at 0249, OM with
station IDs and played tunes by The Cars, Black Sabbath, ELP,
Gordon Lightfoot, The Cult & The Police, two SSTVs & sign off
with Star Spangled Banner, reception suffered from heavy storm
crashes throughout the broadcast. (Filipkowski, RI)


12/24, 1450-1543*, 6275.5/AM; S4-6 then up to S9 at 1523 UTC, replay
of station's Xmas show. (Filipkowski, RI)


12/25, 1635-1706, 6150/AM; S7-8 then down to S2-3 by 1702 & faded out at
1706, music by Bruce Springsteen, Beach House, Boy Meets Girl,
Elton John & The Epochs. (Filipkowski, RI)


12/25, 1332-1350, 6930/U; S1 Xmas music including Silent Night, O' Holy
Night, Joy To The World & O’ Christmas Tree. (Filipkowski, RI)
12/29, 2313-2325, 6935/U; S2 signal & faded into the noise by 2320, OM
with station IDs & songs If I Were A Rich Man & Mr. Shane.
(Filipkowski, RI)


12/30, 2255-2300+, 6770.05/AM; The Great Guildersleeve sponsored by
the Kraft Food Co. NBC chimes at 2300. Mainly poor at QRN lvl.


12/27, 1430-1840+, 5150/AM; S4-5 at tune in then up to S7 at 1555 & S9
peaks by 1733, playing various remixes & mashups then a relay of
Cool AM Radio with YL DJ Samantha Jones, also played Princess
Leia's theme music from Star Wars as a tribute to Carrie Fisher
who just passed away. (Filipkowski, RI)
12/30, 1424-1545, 5150/AM; S9 signal playing cover versions, mashups &
remixes of various songs including Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Linkin
Park & Lorde. (Filipkowski, RI)


12/24, 0308, 5792.0; preacher heard at S8-S9. Checked earlier & not on
by 0302. His favorite time & frequency lately (Glenn Hauser, OK)
12/27, 0331, 5792.01; usual assertive pro-Yahweh programming, poor.
(Glenn Hauser, OK)


12/23, 2217-2224*, 6920/AM; S1 with unid music. (Filipkowski, RI)
12/24, 0231, 6924.13/AM; distorted song at S6 from unID pirate, 0234
Jingle Bells version. No reports yet of anypirate UT Dec 24 at
hfunderground, but 4+ hours earlier, Chris Smolinski had Liquid
Radio 6925 AM 2215 23 Dec 2016 - Quite weak, but I can hear the
thumping music. By now it could be something completely diffe-
rent. Off at my recheck 0246 (Glenn Hauser, OK)
12/26, 1758-1759*, 6925/U; S6-7 news report about flying saucers with
mentions of Roswell then suddenly off. (Filipkowski, RI)
12/26, 2205-2220*, 6930/U; Very weak signal with Chinese songs.
(Filipkowski, RI)
12/29, 2300-2308+, 6925/AM; Thumpity-Thump music. Poor =/u QRN w/QSB
to zilch (Frodge-MI)
12/30, 2229…2310+, 6925/U; Pop tunes, mostly low-key stuff. S3-4 till
about 2242 then dropped way down; several sec. DA between tunes;
no anmts hrd. Continous pulse QRM; LSB also there. Tuned back
@2300 & now S6 peaks; still no anmts; a music & no-ID station.
Pulse QTM gone. (Frodge-MI)

=+=+=+=+= European Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


12/24, 1435-1512*, 13870/AM’ S1 signal & up to S2-3 by 1510 with great
AM audio quality, announced as a test broadcast playing songs by
Wham, ELO, New Order and a Xmas polka tune, UTE QRM started up
around 1512 UTC and station signed off. (Filipkowski, RI)

Sordid Logs:

----- 12/24
0231 UNID, 6924.13/AM
0308 “YHWH”, 5792
1435-1512 Borderhunter Radio, 13870
1450-1543 Channel Z, 6275.5/AM

----- 12/25
1332-1350 Moonlight Radio, 6930/U
1635-1706 Doctor Detroit, 6150/AM

----- 12/26
1758-1759 UNID, 6925/U
2205-2220 UNID, 6930/U

----- 12/27
0331 “YHWH”, 5792
1430-1840 Relay Station 5150, 5150/AM

----- 12/28

----- 12/29
2300-2308 UNID, 6925/AM
2313-2325 Moonlight Radio, 6935/U

----- 12/30
0215-0301 Amphetamine Radio, 3375/U
1424-1545 Relay Station 5150 (including Cool AM Radio), 5150/AM
2229-2310 UNID, 6925/U
2255-2300 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770.05/AM


Radio Illuminati: Full data Xmas eQSL for the 12/23/16 broadcast via
Relay Station 5150 per my HFU logging. (Filipkowski, RI)
Doctor Detroit: Full data eQSL for the 12/25/16 broadcast per my HFU
logging. (Filipkowski, RI)
Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:" onclick=";return false;


--753’s, HF
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