Free Radio Weekly #1122 09/02/2017

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Free Radio Weekly #1122 09/02/2017

Post by The Radical » Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:36 pm

Free Radio Weekly # 1122 September 2, 2017

Covering Free Radio Activity from Aug 26 – Sept 1

Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America

Editor This Week: Dave Turnick


Harold Frodge (

David Turnick (

Larry Will (

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Free Radio Weekly is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the hobby of listening to Pirates and distributed free to those who contribute.

Please QSL and think good thoughts for today’s contributors without who, there would be no newsletter.

William Hassig, IL

Ron Hunsicker, Wyomissing PA
Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684 Enid OK 73702
Larry Will, 28723 Ridge Road Mount Airy, MD 21771


All Times UTC


6925usb, 8-19-17, 2353utc, poor with some static, male saying "I remember when" followed by various statements, some old KIPM clips, several old tunes then off at 0030 8-20-17. (Hassig-IL)

Radio Free Whatever

6950usb, 8-26-17, 2254utc, good sig and audio, s-on with former USSR natl anthem, stn on and off at whim of DJ=Dick Weed. (Hassig-IL)

Wolverine Radio

6950usb, 8-27-17, 0023-0128utc, fair with low noise, s-on with ♫"testing 1 2 3 can anybody hear me?"♫, wide variety of tunes with the word "high" in them, SSTV/FAX at 0126utc, followed by more SSTV/FAX by another station, possibly Pee Wee Radio. (Hassig-IL)

Wolverine Radio 6950USB 27 Aug 2017 0037-0136* Old rock: Five SSTV transmissions (though the fifth may have been from Pee Wee). (35443, Hunsicker, PA)

Old Time Radio

6770AM 30 and 31 August 2017 2335-0008 Very faint and unusable. (Hunsicker, PA)

6925-AM, Aug 27 at 2338, JBA carrier vs S9 storm crashes, not there at 0005 Aug 28 recheck. Many other logs of it, all as unID pirate, all afternoon from as early as 1713 UT, by those who could hear it much better: ... 937.0.html (Hauser-OK)

Old time radio. Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 2351, 6770 am. Bits of old radio shows are coming up just above the noise here. Music at 2357. Too weak to identify any specific programming, until 0001, when Amos
and Andy starts, and the signal has improved greatly. (Will-MD)

Pee Wee

6945USB 27 August 2017 0051-0101* Highway to hell, some CW over the music. (35443, Hunsicker, PA)

Pee Wee 6955USB 27 August 2017 0216-0226 Ghost Riders in the Sky, SSTV and then some elevator music. (35342, Hunsicker, PA)


(unid) WEAK?, 6925usb, 8-20-17, 0030utc, weak with some static, song "piano man" the off for a few minutes, then Elvis "jailhouse rock" then off then "under the boardwalk", then off then "American pie" then male talking at length about something. (Hassig-IL)

unidentified 6870AM 30 and 31 August 2017 2340-0007 Faint voice, unusable. (Hunsicker, PA)


None reported

None reported


None reported


Electronic Mail Addresses for stations

73’s & good hunting…

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