Free Radio Weekly #1124 09/22/2017

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly #1124 09/22/2017

Post by JohnPoet » Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:13 am

Covering Logs from 16 thru 22–September-2017 (0.0)


EDITOR THIS WEEK: Harold Frodge [ .='`"``=.

Harold Frodge (
Dave Turnick (
Larry Will (

Send your logs to all editors in case of assigned changes.

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the
hobby of listening to hobby pirates and distributed free to
those who contribute.

Saturdays 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)


Our Contributors...a few that know how to make good use of
free time.

Rick Barton, Box 5503, Peoria AZ 85385,

Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642

Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702,,
NRD-545 with ALA-330S, IC-R75, PL-880, random wires

Larry Will, 28723 Ridge Road, Mount Airy MD 21771,, Icom IC-R75 with G5RV, Tecsun PL-600,
PL-660, random wires



OUR EDITORIAL POLICY: What editorial policy? Just send your
stuff in, we'll handle the rest.



=+=+=+=+= North American Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


9/17, 2105, 6940/U; ID, "Welcome to Clever Name Radio..." into
music by Supertramp, The Logical Song, another ID at 2109.
fair signal. (Will-MD)

9/18, 0220, 7470/AM; in progress on random bandscan. Familiar voice,

familiar Yahweh or the highway lecture & "10 Commandments of

Yahweh". Stepped away, returning just before the ToH to find

only an OC that went off on or around 0300. First heard since

early August (I will have to dig out my records) & on new fre-

quency (formerly 7585). SIO 444 (Barton)

9/19, 0210, 7470; Carrier only (Frodge-MI)

9/19, 0219, 7470; JBA carrier, presumed the revived Station YHWH

which was 1st reported two nights ago by Rich Ray near Chicago,

then by Rick Barton, AZ, who had him strong & by several others.

It has been a sesquimonth since I last traced him on his then

favorite frequency, 7585. (Glenn Hauser, OK)

9/20, 0158, YHWH; now enough signal, S9 on 7470 to recognize his

strident voice talking about Yahweh past 0211 (Hauser, OK)

9/21, 0205, 7470; Carrier w/weak audio (Frodge-MI)


9/19, 2248-2310*, 6925/U; All hard rock & no ID. SIO=353 (Frodge-MI)

9/20, 2212-2214*, 6940/U; Tune in to instr’l music & off. SIO=252+


9/21, 2200-2204+, 6950.5/L; Weak head-banger music. Can only hear

in LSB due to loud USB hiss (Frodge-MI)

9/22, 2127-2140:40*, 6880/U; Pop music; off abruptly during Doors

tune. SIO=252 barely above QRN (Frodge-MI)

9/22, 2245, 6925/U; Music by Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Wanna Have

Fun. Loverboy Working For the Weekend at 2247. Dexy's Mid-

night Runners Come On Eileen at 2250. Pointer Sisters I'm So

Excited at 2254. Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way at 2258. Go-Gos

We Got the Beat at 2302. Ronnie Dio, Man On the Silver Mountain

at 2304. Off at 2311. Steady s9, very good signal & sound.


9/22, 2335, 6950/U; Unid instr’l guitar rock music. Into a spacey

song at 2337. Fair to good signal, s5/s7. (Will-MD)


Sordid Logs:

----- 9/16


----- 9/17

2105-2109 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U

----- 9/18

0220 YHWH, 7470/AM

----- 9/19

0210-0219 YHWH (p), 7470

2248-2310 UNID, 6925/U

----- 9/20

0158-0211 YHWH, 7470

2212-2214 UNID, 6940/U

----- 9/21

0205 YHWH (p), 7470

2200-2204 UNID, 6950.5

----- 9/22

2127-2141 UNID, 6880/U

2245-2311 UNID, 6925/U

2335-2337 UNID, 6950/U



Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:


--763’s, HF
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