Free Radio Weekly #1128 10/21/2017

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Free Radio Weekly #1128 10/21/2017

Post by JohnPoet » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:36 am

Free Radio Weekly # 1128 October 21, 2017

Covering Free Radio Activity from Oct 14 – Oct 20

Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America

Editor This Week: Dave Turnick


Harold Frodge (

David Turnick (

Larry Will (

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Harold Frodge,5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642-3156
Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684 Enid OK 73702


All Times UTC


6940/U, *2136:33-2142+, 10/13; Repeated IDs by M&W into rock music. SIO=252+ Presume they were on a few min. before this. (Frodge-MI)

6940/U, 2127-2130+, 10/14; Tune in to ID then rock& rap. SIO=252+ (Frodge-MI)


6925+/U, 2130-2133+, 10/14; ID & lite pop tune. Seems slightly above 6925; SIO=2+53- (Frodge-MI)

U S A. 1710 kHz, Oct 20 at 1137 UT, screaming gospel huxter in Spanish (I think; can hardly understand a single word), mixed with other loud voices from apparent pentecostal service. Steady S9 signal but undermodulated. I am hearing this only on the R75 with E/W longwire, so no DFing; on the DX-398 tried first, I was only getting some pulsing whine, apparently from some local device. (At 1143 UT I note that 1680 KRJO with West Monroe ad is still in well.) 1710 still past 1140 UT, crowd responses, keeps going past 1200 UT with no pause or ID.

I have been looking for this tnx to via a DXer from Florida:

1710 LOUISIANA (PIRATE) Radio Retén lo que Tienes, Bãton Rouge. 1014 October 12, 2017. Screaming Spanish male preacher and audience response, parallel live stream. Thanks DXER . Decent signal. Also in well around the same time on October 14. How long will this one last?. Address as: ``Iglesia La Nueva Jerusalen, Radio Reten lo que Tiene, Ministerio, Ciudad de la Verdad Monte de Santidad, 8290 A Siegen Lane, Baton Rouge 70810 L.A. [sic] Tel 225-394-3748, 787-909-6199``

``Tiene`` -- sic; are we being familiar or not? Program schedule is rather strange, showing mornings only on: Martes y Jueves 7 a 12 am (but this is Viernes).

The slogan derives from Revelation III:10, in one translation, ``I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown``. Crown? As in skull? I don`t wear any other one (Hauser-OK)

6880/AM, 2041-2025+, 10/13; 80s pop tunes; Air Supply, Madonna,6940/U, 2118-3133:38*, 10/13; Rock & rap barely above QRN lvl.Off w/o ID. SIO=252+ Presume Clever Name Radio. (Frodge-MI)

6925/U, 2226-2228:42*, 10/14; Drama; close w/Brit-sounding ancr 6880/AM, 2151-2158:12*, “2159:03-2159:48*,10/16; 60 pop hits including Son of a Preacher Man, Many Tears Ago, I Love You & off w/o ID; back on with WWV parody; pips & parody anmts such as “WWV for the time of your life.” SIO=353- (Frodge-MI)

6880/AM, 2036-2042+, 10/18; Pop tunes u/QRN; recognized Feelin’Groovy. Slightly better in LSB. No improvement @2122 check.(Frodge-MI)


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73’s & good hunting…

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