Free Radio Weekly #1130 November 4, 2017

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly #1130 November 4, 2017

Post by JohnPoet » Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:53 pm


Covering Logs from 28-Oct thru 3–Nov-2017 (0.0)


EDITOR THIS WEEK: Harold Frodge [] .='`"``=.


Harold Frodge (

Dave Turnick (

Larry Will (

Send your logs to all editors in case of assigned changes.

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the

hobby of listening to hobby pirates and distributed free to

those nwho contribute.

WEEKLY DEADLINE: Saturdays 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)

To view any "art"; convert to Courier (or non-proportional) font.


Our Contributors...a bunch that knows how to make good use of

free time.

Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642

William Hassig,

Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702,,

NRD-545 with ALA-330S, IC-R75, PL-880, random wires

Karl Racenis, Manchester MI

Rob Ross, London ON

Larry Will; 28723 Ridge Road, Mount Airy MD 21771-4436, Icom

IC-R75 with G5RV, Tecsun PL-600, PL-660, random wires


OUR EDITORIAL POLICY: What editorial policy? Just send your

stuff in, we'll handle the rest.



=+=+=+=+= North American Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


10/31, 2257-2332, 4065/U; good sig & audio, Betty Boop singing

I want to be bad", ID as Betty Boop radio, spooky tune

about Anne Boleyn, punk tune by the Dead Kennedys about

regulations, Cab Calloway Ghost of Smokey Joe, "boop

boop dee boop" several times then laugh then off @2332,

said address Betty Boop Radio, PO box 28413, Provi-

dence, RI 02908. (Hassig-IL) [Obsolete drop]


10/27, 2327, 6935/U; pirate music at S9+25; 2318 synthyl with

``Good evening, you are listening to Clever Name Radio...``. Off before next check at

2355. [nothing from S American pirates this hour on 6973,

6925 or 5825] (Glenn Hauser, OK)

10/28, 2225, 6935/U; rap music at S9+5; 2335 more than an hour

later still going, now S9+30 phone interview with someone

throwing out MF-bombs & other profanity until chopped off

the air at 2336*. When the FCC got `em? Not bloody likely.

As expected, the very active Clever Name Radio as per

multiple logs:

index.php/topic,38301.15.html (Glenn Hauser, OK)

10/28, 2237-2246:45*, *2248:26-2252+, 6875/U; Soft & hard rock

& reggae; No ID at 1st s/off, but RoboW IDs at 2250 &

2251, “This is Clever Name Radio, your music station on

shortwave”. SIO-353 (Frodge-MI)

10/28, 2322, 6935/U Metal music, Girls Girls Girls by Motley

Crue. Cut abruptly at 2325 with Clever Name Radio ID.

Mercury Theater "War of the Worlds" started at 2326.

Good signal, s7/s9. (Will-MD)

10/31, 2336, 6950/U; pirate music w/heavy pulsing beat; S9+15.

YL inserts comment about Facebook; 2340 she says some-

thing about weapons restrixions, as I find the music

sounds better when tuned to 6950.12-USB; 2345 she says,

``Happy -u-k-n Hallowe`en, from Clever Name Radio``.

Many more logs here:

board/index.php/topic,38415.0.html Seems it started

this frequency @2335 & off by 0008 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

11/3, 2230-2234+, 6945/U; Rock tunes & RoboW ID @2231. SIO=353



10/30, 2139-2145+, 6955/U; Tune-in to Doors tune; IDs w/spooky

music to girl pop; SIO=353



10/31, 2322, 6955/U; EE VG S6-S7 Eerie Music at Tune in 2322.

Male DJ with IDs as "CREEPY RADIO SHORTWAVE" @2323.

Gave Email address for reports as "creepyradio@" @2323. Back to Eerie Music & IDs/Email

Address repeated in a continuous loop until 2329. Into

Music 2329-2332 SPOOKY by The Classics IV. Female &

Male Announcer with some kind of "Credit Card" Ad ??

@2332. Severe Fading and Dead Air @2333. Not heard

after 2333. ROSS, ON

[What do want to bet that Crazy Radio & Creepy Radio

are the same?]


10/28, 2225, 6955/AM; JBA carrier from presumed pirate. These

logs say it was Doctor Detroit: https://www.,38302.0.html

(Glenn Hauser, OK)

11/3, 2156-2207+, 6955/AM; Rock tunes & ID @2205. SIO=353- till

about 2200 then started diving into the QRN (Frodge-MI)


11/3, 2223-2229:57*, 6930/U; Rock tunes; code ID before s/off;

tinny audio. ID per HFU post (Frodge-MI)


11/1, 0018, 4065/U; fair sig good audio, urban jazz, then Dick

Weed gave fake Halloween name as a black person then

ID'd as himself & played Russian nat’l anthem then the

usual RFW programming. (Hassig-IL)

11/1, 0044, 4065/U; "Smoke another cigarette and pour yourself

another shot of vodka. This is Radio free Whatever."

s9 steady. (Will-MD)

11/1, 0118, 4065/U; pirate music; sounds better at 4064.989, DJ

sounds like Dick Weed, conversing with someone, so must

be Radio Free What-Ever; 0130 more talk, mentioning

having listened to Wolverine, but conditions bad on 6.9

MHz band so moved down here; 0148 still going. I find

this in normal bandscanning, when there is no activity

on 6.9 band & would alert others to this seldom-active

pirate frequency, but HFUs were already reporting it

from all over North America: https://www.hfunderground.

com/board/index.php/topic,38418.0.html None of them

mention QRM from beacon NZ or ZN. (Glenn Hauser, OK)


10/31, 0605, 1710; can make out the screaming service from

Radio Retén lo que Tienes, the pirate from Bâton Rouge

LA which is in no hurry to get busted. Also conside-

rable 1710 carrier, presumably this, circa 0200 UT

Nov 1. It was first being reported locally on FM back

in March also claiming to be on 1710 then, but only in

last month is being DXed, so must have beefed up their

MW output (Glenn Hauser, OK)


10/28, 2223-2237+, 6875/U; Rock music to James Brownyard ID

“WHYP & WHYP-FM” @2234+. SIO=454 at tune-in but dropped

drastically to 353 at 2236 after ID & rapidly into the

QRN. (Frodge-MI)

10/28, 2331, 6875/U; interviewing Al-someone on phone about

Hallowe`en, mentions R. Metallica Worldwide, but probably

not an ID of this one. 2334 ``Monster Mash``. 2337 WHYP

ID about to close, 2340 contact info with fake South-

Asian accent making it hard to copy; buzzing-bees SFX

by human voices? Inviting Al Fansome on the phone to do

the s/off for the WHYP Hallowe`en show, until 2341:30*

(Glenn Hauser, OK)


10/31, 2325, 6935.05/U; SIO-333, Halloween sounds, howling, song

Yes I'm the Devil, train sounds, Wolverine Radio ID @2337,

more devil songs, another ID at 2355. (Racenis, MI)

10/31, 2337, 6935/U; pirate music at S9+25. Finally at 2354,

``Wolverine Radio`` ID. Many2 more logs here & SSTV images

on a HW theme:

index.php/topic,38406.0.html (Glenn Hauser, OK)

10/31, 2339, 6935/U; good sig & audio at first but faded slowly

over time, songs The devil is mad at me & The devil queen.



10/28, 2342, 6780/AM; JBA carrier, perhaps pirate, a bit less JBA

than 6770, but with less modulation on 6780. When I quit at

0021 Oct 29, 6780 is still on, but no big USB pirates have

been audible since 2341:30* when 6875 went off. The Hallo-

we`en festival could continue for three more nights if not

right now. No reports of 6780 at HFU (Glenn Hauser, OK)

10/28, 2344, 6925.1/AM; JBA carrier, perhaps pirate. This evening,

HFU has unIDs on 6925-USB & LSB, but no 6925-AM since much

earlier in day, Ion Radio at 1526-1549 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

10/31-11/1, 2355-0040, 6924.3/AM; Halloween sounds, fading in &

out, no ID heard, gave up at 0040 [11/1]. (Racenis, MI)

11/1, 2336, 6960; JBA carrier; also one at 2337 on 4065, as I am

hunting for pirates. Anything reported there? Not today,

but yesterday on 6960:

board/index.php/topic,38403.0.html (Glenn Hauser, OK)

=+=+=+=+= Letter Beacons =+=+=+=+=

11/1, 0120, 4066 approx.; while monitoring Radio Free Whatever

pirate on 4065-USB at 0120 UT Nov 1, I`m barely hearing a

CW ID over and over as ZN --- or is it NZ? Pauses between

are so similar I can`t decide which one comes second.

Might have been out of RFW transmitter itself. Music from

RFW just about blots it out, but much more audible while

Dick Weed is talking, and definite copy at 0130. RFW is

off by 0159, but so is the beacon. It ought to be in this


High_Frequency_Beacon where there are several others

around this frequency, but it`s not. Any ideas? I fre-

quently check this area for beacons but nothing heard

for months. Searching my archive on NZ would be over-

productive, but ZN? I was getting ZN last February on

a nearby frequency: ``UNIDENTIFIED. 4070.34, Feb 7 at

0257, JBA CW beacon sending ZN over and over slowly.

Previously logged Feb 4 at 0448 as on 4070.36; maybe

my estimates are varying rather than the transmission.

So where is it? UNIDENTIFIED. 4070.396, Feb 9 at 0656,

beacon ZN is in again, sending ID about 15x per minute,

and peaking CW at S8`` Never found out where it is.

(Glenn Hauser, OK)

11/1, 1243, 4103 approx.; hunting for beacons I find JBA CW

here; on verge it keeps fading in & out so during next

10 minutes I cannot copy a certain ID. The last letter

in each sequence is W, but I hear a variety of other

characters, including P, B, 4 & 8, I think. Maybe it`s

a longer message rather than an ID repeating. This time

we have a good clue at

wiki/High_Frequency_Beacon ``4102.3, W..., s.e. Cali-

fornia desert, The WIND BEACON - sends 'W' ident &

series of dits - each dit correlating to a turn of its

anenometer [sic], so if it is windy in the, [sic] it

sends lots of dits; & no wind, no dits. April 6, 2013``

(Glenn Hauser, OK)

11/3, 0641, 4102.85 approx.; the `W` beacon is again JBA,

between various blips of other numbers or letters;

still audible when I reawaken too soon at 1217, a

little stronger than last time so I can get closer to

the exact frequency. The Wind Beacon from the southeast

California desert (Glenn Hauser, OK)


Sordid Logs:

----- 10/28

2223-2342 WHYP, 6875/U

2225 Doctor Detroit, 6955/AM

2225-2247 Clever Name Radio, 6875/U

2248-2252 Clever Name Radio, 6875/U

2322-2326 Clever Name Radio, 6935/U

2342-2400 UNID, 6780/AM (continued to 10/29)

2344 UNID, 6925.1/AM

----- 10/29

0000-0021 UNID, 6780/AM (continued from 10/28)

----- 10/30

2139-2145 Crazy Radio, 6955/U

----- 10/31

0605 Radio Reten Lo Que Tienes, 1710

2257-2332 Betty Boop Radio, 4065/U

2322-2333 Creepy Radio SW, 6955/U

2325-2355 Wolverine Radio, 6935/U

2336-2345 Clever Name Radio, 6950/U

2355-2400 UNID, 6924.3/AM (continued to 11/1)

----- 11/1

0000-0040 UNID, 6924.3/AM (continued from 10/31)

0018-0148 Radio Free Whatever, 4065/U

2336 UNID, 6960

2337 UNID, 4065

----- 11/2


----- 11/3

2156-2207 Dr. Detroit, 6955/AM

2223-2230 KVR, 6930/U

2230-2234 Clever Name Radio, 6945/U



Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:


--763’s, HF
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