FREE RADIO WEEKLY #1133 Thru November 24, 2017

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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FREE RADIO WEEKLY #1133 Thru November 24, 2017

Post by JohnPoet » Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:57 am

Covering Logs from 18 thru 24-November-2017 (0.0)
EDITOR THIS WEEK: Harold Frodge [ .='`"``=.

Harold Frodge (
Dave Turnick (
Larry Will (

Send your logs to all editors in case of assigned changes.

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the
hobby of listening to hobby pirates and distributed free to
those who contribute.

WEEKLY DEADLINE: Saturdays 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America)

To view any "art"; convert to Courier (or non-proportional) font.
Our Contributors...a bunch that knows how to make good use of
free time.

Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642
Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702,
NRD-545 with ALA-330S, IC-R75, PL-880, random wires
Larry Will, 28723 Ridge Rd., Mount Airy MD 21771,,
Icom IC-R75 with G5RV, Tecsun PL-600, PL-660, random wires


Was there a pirate listener/reporter bust?

OUR EDITORIAL POLICY: What editorial policy? Just send your
stuff in, we'll handle the rest.


=+=+=+=+= North American Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


11/19, 0204, 6950.56; pirate music, very poor. These for 6950.5
say it was Captain Morgan Shortwave until 0303*: https:// ... 786.0.html
(Glenn Hauser)


11/18, 2234-2250+, 6940/U; All raps & no ID; ID per HFU post.
SIO=353+ (Frodge-MI)
11/22, 2346, 6940/U; Music by Jimi Hendrix, The Wind Cries Mary,
more rock/metal music. "Good evening & welcome to Clever
Name Radio" IDs at 2351. Fair to good signal, s5/s7.


11/18, 2202-2226*?, 6930/U; Variety tunage; pop/rock/oldies/
polka! SIO=353 on peak w/QSB to near zilch; dropped way
down @2225 into code ID. (Frodge-MI)


11/19, 0241, 6770; very poor Old Time Radio pirate. Usually it`s
a JBA carrier at best, but sometimes can sound like OTR,
with audience applause, laughter; from some secret radio
museum (Glenn Hauser, OK)
11/23, 0017, 6770/AM; An unidentified old time comedy radio
show in progress. Fair signal, s5/s7, occasionally very
good. (Will-MD)


11/18, 2227-2234+, 6920/U; Lite pop tunes; illuminati6150@gmail.
com SIO=352+ (Frodge-MI)


11/19, 0248, 7470; something here, VP S4 carrier; could it be
anti-Christ pro-Yahweh pirate, Station YHWH? Cannot
detect the dulcet tones of Josiah, but this was his last
favorite frequency, not heard since Oct 14, and nothing
else is scheduled here (except 22-24 UT, IBB Bod-Tibetan
via Tajikistan) (Glenn Hauser, OK)
11/23, 0152 & 0226, 7470; JBA carrier, suspected Station YHWH
as nothing legal listed; those who get him better (in the
West) should try (Glenn Hauser, OK)
11/24, 0102, 7470; again JBA carrier about S3 equal to noise
level, trace of talk with ECSS, still at 0157. I had been
hoping this would be Station YHWH anti-Christ pirate on
his last known active frequency. The last time I checked
the lists, nothing else was scheduled, e.g. HFCC as of
Nov 22; but now NDXC/Aoki dated Nov 23 shows 7470: VOA
Deewa Radio in Pashto, 100 kW, 92 degrees via Lamper-
theim at 0100-0400,so if & when YHWH resume, he should
do so on another frequency, clear (Glenn Hauser, OK)
11/24, 2129, 5010/AM; Modern rock music, excellent AM sound.
Evil Ways by Santana at 2135. Atlanta Rhythm Section So
Into You at 2147. Mostly heavy metal music 2215-2252,
followed by the original version of Strangers In the
Night. Off at 2300. Very good signal, s7/s9. (Will-MD)
11/24, 2345, 6940/U; Death metal music. s9 peaks. (Will-MD )

Sordid Logs:

----- 11/18

2202-2226 KVR, 6930/U
2227-2234 Radio Illminati, 6920/U
2234-2250 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U

----- 11/19

0204-0303 Captain Morgan SW, 6950.56
0241 Old Radio Program Pirate, 6770
0248 UNID (YHWH?), 7470

----- 11/20


----- 11/21


----- 11/22

2346-2351 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U

----- 11/23

0017 Old Radio Program Pirate. 6770/AM
0152-0226 UNID (YHWH or VoA?), 7470

----- 11/24

0102 UNID (YHWH or VoA?), 7470
2129-2300 UNID, 5010/AM
2345 UNID, 6940/U


Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:


--773’s, HF
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