FREE RADIO WEEKLY #1136 Logs from 9 thru 15 December 2017

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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FREE RADIO WEEKLY #1136 Logs from 9 thru 15 December 2017

Post by JohnPoet » Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:03 pm


Covering Logs from 9 thru 15-December-2017 (0.0)


EDITOR THIS WEEK: Harold Frodge [ .='`"``=.


Harold Frodge (

Dave Turnick (

Larry Will (

Send your logs to all editors in case of assigned changes.

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to

the hobby of listening to hobby pirates and distributed

free to those who contribute.

WEEKLY DEADLINE: Saturdays 0000 UTC (Friday night in

North America)

To view any "art"; convert to Courier (or a non-proportional)



Our Contributors...a bunch that knows how to make good use of

free time.

Harold Frodge, M.A.R.E. DXpedition, Brighton MI & Midland MI

William Hassig,

Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702,

NRD-545 with ALA-330S, IC-R75, PL-880, random wires

John Sedlacek: 2728 N. 45th Ave., Omaha NE 68104-4527

(Welcome back! I’ll alert Monique.)

Ken Zichi, M.A.R.E. DXpedition, Brighton MI



Two FRW’s were numbered 1134, the last one should have been 1136.

Where have all the contributors gone? Long time passing?

OUR EDITORIAL POLICY: What editorial policy? Just send your

stuff in, we'll handle the rest.


=+=+=+=+= North American Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


12/8, 2242-2254+, 2353, 6940/U; Pop/rap/oldies/dance tunes. RoboW

ID, “Hello from across the little pond, welcome to Clever

Name Radio”. Still on @2353 check w/ID & Close Encounters

notes. SIO=354 (Frodge-DXP)

12/13, 2231-2238+, 6940/U; Tune-in to rap & off abruptly @2232:23

& back @2232:23 w/rock; RoboW ID @2237:31, “Welcome to

Clever Name Radio” into Jerry Reed’s Amos Moses. SIO=353


12/13, 2335-2342*, 6940/U; Music by Heart followed by song I Don't

Care. Multiple station IDs by female voice. Fair signal

hampered by heavy static. (Sedlacek-NE)

12/13, 0023, 6940/U; tune-in, immediate ID by synthyl for Clever

Name Radio, heavy beat music S8 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

12/14, 2211-2215+, 6940/U; Rock tunes & RoboW ID. SIO=353


12/14, 2216, 6940/U; hard rock pirate, 2220 synthyl ID about 4

times, ``Welcome to Clever Name Radio`` (Glenn Hauser, OK)

12/14, 2226+, 6940/U; Song Merry Christmas to You. Weak signal

quickly lost in static. (Sedlacek-NE)

12/14-15, 2343-0023+, 6940/U; Selections of some rock music & sea-

sonal songs. Signal fair at first getting better throughout

broadcast despite heavy static. (Sedlacek-NE)


12/10, 0111-0142+, 6905/U; M singing in IT w/mostly love songs +

IT version of I Did It My Way. Good sig; up to 2+ min.

DA between tunes (Frodge-DXP)

12/10, 0115-0138+, 6905/U; lots of unfamiliar tunes, one familiar

one, My Way with LONG pauses between tunes & no IDs or any

announcements for that matter. Overmodulated ? clipping, so

not the most pleasant to listen to. Some of the lyrics were

pretty good talking about the moon & 'your eyes' etc. Clas-

sic stuff! 24342+ improving to 34443 by end--Zichi DXp


12/10, 0144-0152+, 6935/U; Punk rock tunes; vox @0151 but buried.

SIO=252+ peaks w/LSB pesky. ID per HFU posts, none hrd.



12/9, 1940-1950+, 6925.7/AM; Comedy bits & tunes; only recog-

nized Mickey, ID @1946, “Radio Comedy Club Int’l”. Poor &

best in LSB (Frodge-DXP)


12/9, 2035-2039+, 2105, 6899.6/AM; Good tinkle tune at tune-in

then plunged into the QRN. 2105, “B’casting from ? ...”,

then tinkle tune again. 6900 LSB pesky. ID per HFU post,

none hrd. (Frodge-DXP)


12/9, 0048, 6935/U; very poor, but instantly recognizable the

patrician tones of FDR, Pearl Harbor speech. Again @0114

check when he is mentioning island after island the Japa-

nese have attacked. HFU has a couple of reports during

this span, but many more during the original WFDR rebroad-

cast the night before = Dec 7 local: https://www.,39151.0.html

(Glenn Hauser, OK)


12/10, 0132-0234, 6950/U fair/poor some fading, variety of songs

with the word "new" in them. At 0232 SSTV/FAX of a B&W

pic of an early 1950's straight 8 Buick in a showroom as

seen on HF underground. Back in 1976 I had a 1952 Buick

with the Dynaflo transmission & 6 volt electrics. I had

to take the radio out and fix it. It had a vibrator power

supply & a pair of 6V6's in push pull. (Hassig-IL)

12/10, 0152-0206+, 6950/U; Rocakbilly, blues & soul tunes inclu-

ding; Betty Lou Has a New Pair of Shoes, The Blues Is

Knockin’ On My Door & Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.

SIO=344-; got a bit fady after about 0200. (Frodge-DXP)

12/10, 0154-0236*, 6950/U Wolverine Radio with a programme I

never really caught a 'theme' for, but including a lot

of blues tunes, including Fats Domino You got Me Singing

the Blues & Aretha Franklin. Also Huey Lewis I Want a

New Drug & an unfamiliar tune You Gotta Bend Over to Tie

Those Shoes. GREAT modulation as usual for WR & 2 SSTV

images sent @0232. The first one was clear:

The signal was fading quickly before the 2nd one so it

wasn't received well at all. Here is how I received the

2nd one. Is that ALF? A mountain cliff? Is there text

in there too? Just TOO fuzzy! ;)

Mostly 3+5443+ but improving to 'good' at times. SPR-4

+500' randomwire + MultiMode for Mac to decode the SSTV.

--Zichi DXp

12/10, 0211, 6950/U; S9 music, jazz piano, a few more tunes until

0219 Wolverine Radio ID as expected (Glenn Hauser, OK)


12/8, 2052-2100+, 6925.64-.68/AM; Jazzy music. Drifty & strong

LSB pesky; best in LSB despite pesky (Frodge-DXP)

12/9, 1632, 6935/U; Very distorted music (Frodge-DXP)

12/13, 2343-2358+, 6940/U; Unid song with long bass guitar intro.

Possible ID @2355. Weak signal lost in static by 2358.



Sordid Logs:

----- 12/9

0048-0114 WFDR, 6935/U

1632 UNID, 6935/U

1940-1950 Radio Comedy Club Int’l, 6925.7/AM

2035-2105 Recycle Radio, 6899.6/AM

----- 12/10

0111-0142 Italian Love Song Pirate , 6905/U

0132-0236 Wolverine Radio, 6950/U

0144-0152 KUNT Radio, 6935/U

----- 12/11


----- 12/12


----- 12/13

0023 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U

2231-2342 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U

2343-2358 UNID, 6940/U

----- 12/14

2211-2400 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U (continued to 12/15)

----- 12/15

0000-0023 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U (continued from 12/14)



Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:



See News.

--775’s, HF
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