Free Radio Weekly #1137 December 23, 2017

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly #1137 December 23, 2017

Post by JohnPoet » Sat Dec 23, 2017 3:05 pm

Free Radio Weekly # 1137 December 23, 2017

Covering Free Radio Activity from Dec 16 – Dec 22

Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America

Editor This Week: Dave Turnick


Harold Frodge (

David Turnick (

Larry Will (

Send your logs to all editors in case of editor changes.

To subscribe to the Free Radio Weekly, please send an email to all the editors with a request to be added, or to change your email address.

Free Radio Weekly is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the hobby of listening to Pirates and distributed free to those who contribute.

Please QSL and think good thoughts for today’s contributors without who, there would be no newsletter.

William Hassig,
Harold Frodge, 5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642-3156
Larry Will 28723 Ridge Road, Mount Airy, MD 21771
John Sedlacek, (Omaha, NE)
Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684 Enid OK 73702

All Times UTC

Pee Wee Radio

6940usb, 12-17-17, 0034utc, fair/poor/weak, heavy metal versions of "run run Rudolph", Santa Claus is coming to town", "silver bells", "little drummer boy", light neighborhood QRM and also occasional OTH radar QRM if that's what that is, SSTV/FAX of two different pics as seen on HF Underground one of which is R rated. (Hassig-IL)

PEE WEE: 6940/U, 0049-0119+, 12/17; Hard/punk rock versions of Xmas tunes; SSTV 0101:29-0103:21. SIO=2+43 on peaks, very fady; rat-a-tat bursts. ID per HFU post; No voice ID/anmts. (Frodge-MI)

6960-USB, Dec 16 at 0041, hard rock. Several logs of it as unID: ... 273.0.html including SSTV images such as ``Nobody tells the truth``, and Chris Smolinski assumes it`s Pee Wee (Hauser-OK


6940/U, 2306-2310+, 12/17; RoboW ID over Smoke On the Water. SIO=2+53 on peaks, but fady & struggling in the QRN (Frodge-MI)

Clever Name Radio. Sunday, December 17, 2017, 2305, 6940 usb. Immediately after WLVS signed off, a station signed on with some trance music, cut to "Smoke On the Water" by Deep Purple at 2306. Clever Name Radio ID at 2309. Off at 2349. Fair to good signal, s3/s5. (Will-MD)

6940 USB / DEC 17 / 2331+. "Time" by the Chambers Brothers. ID'd as "Clever name Radio. Our request line is always open." Fair signal amid heavy static. (Sedlacek-NE)

6945 USB / DEC 18 / 0023+. Playing short music excerpts. Weak signal. (Sedlacek-NE)

6940-USB, Dec 16 at 2240 S9-S5 rock music from pirate; 2241 ``thanks to the listeners in C-K`` repeated a few times by that synthyl voice we have been hearing from Clever Name Radio. These logs agree that`s it, altho the first one`s times are one hour ahead: ... 286.0.html (Hauser-OK)


6045/U, *2301:45-2310+, 12/18; Opened with a reggae tune then into rock; many IDs! SIO=353 (Frodge-MI)

6945 USB / DEC 18 / 2244-2311+. Songs "Wild Thing" and "Suicidal Tendencies." OM anncr with repeated station ID @ 2304. Weak signal with good bass but hampered by high noise floor. (Sedlacek-NE)


6942/U, 2302-2313+, 12/19; “This is Mystery Mayhem Radio coming at you” repeated several times, into rock & rap. SIO=2+53- (Frodge-MI)


6925/AM, 2123-2132, 12/18; Lotsa talk & a tune caught at 2130. Poor at/below QRN. May have gone off @2132:25. ID per HFU post, none hrd. (Frodge-MI)


6920/AM, 2027-2038+, 12/16; Pop Xmas tunes by Der Bingle o 20:34 new tunester. SIO=353 at tune-in, but started fading into the QRN. ID per HFU posts, none hrd. (Frodge-MI)

Radio Illuminati. Saturday, December 16, 2017, 2025, 6920 am. Radio Illuminati per hfu logs. Christmas music, just above the noise floor here. Signal improved dramatically to s15 by 2031, clear ID and more Christmas music, "Santa Baby." Signal faded down below the noise quickly at 2051. (Will-MD)


Sunday, December 17, 2017, 2139, 6040 usb. Nonstop music by Elvis Presley. 2145, ID "WLVS" and into "Love Me Tender." At 2202, Elvis is interrupted in mid-song by another station with slightly stronger signal, playing rock/rap. Two stations co-channel for about 30 seconds, then the second one went off, leaving an Elvis ballad. ID, "WLVS" twice, then "Good night" at 2304. Fair signal, s3/s5. (Will-MD)

Relay Station 5010

Friday, December 22, 2017, 1942, 5010 am. Bouncy music, sounds like Michael Jackson. 1943, "Puttin' on the Ritz" by the monster and Gene Wilder from the Mel Brooks movie. s7/s9, noisy. (Will-MD)


6940 USB / DEC 19 / 2354-2358*. Cover of Beatles" "A Day in the Life." Abrupt s/off @ 2358. Thanks to HFU for station ID. (Sedlacek-NE)

6935/U, 2304-2305*, 12/17; Tune in to spooky music & off abruptly. (Frodge-MI)

6945/U, 2244-2300:35*, 12/18; Tuned in to barbershop harmony tune then into rock including Wild Thing. Uncopiable low/slow ID? at close. SIO=353, fady (Frodge-MI)

Friday, December 22, 2017, 2113, 6940 usb. Christmas music, unintelligible ID, more Christmas music. Some songs cut in mid-verse. Het from a nearby utility. 2123, I believe the ID is "Jedi Radio" or "Jerry's Radio" but it is so garbled I can't be sure. Still on at 2151 with Lennon's "Happy Xmas/War is Over." Very good signal with s9 peaks. (Will-MD)

Friday, December 22, 2017, 1940, 6945 usb. Instrumental version of "Jingle Bells" and off. Good signal, s5/s7. (Will-MD)

6930 USB / DEC 18 / 0144-0147*. OM anncr with some comments about FCC. Unable to copy ID @ 0145 because of weak signal/noise. (Sedlacek-NE)

6930-USB, Dec 16 at 2341, algo with hard rock, S8 vs band noise level of S6. (6940 CNR is off by now.) More unID logs of it: ... 290.0.html
There was also a 6930-LSB a few minutes earlier: ... 289.0.html
6930-USB is off by 0008 Dec 17 check, leaving no pirate activity

6929.99-USB, Dec 18 at 0120, S9 pirate but deep fades, folk song, same guitar chords over and over, but different libretto, sounds sorta like Dylan, including ``What Goes Up ---``. 0124 DJ says he has tears in his eyes over this music; building a studio, improving audio, beamed to western United States; maybe ID in passing during fade sounds like perhaps ``Yaddy-Man``, ``Merry Christmas to you all``. More music, 0127, ``You`re tuned to the Bloody(?) Man``; Or is it Boogy-Man? Says he is old, mad as hell, talks over music, swears against the FCC, ``what the -uc- are they going to do to me?`` 0134 ``music that makes you cry``; swears against classic rock stations, FCC net neutrality ruling, and one more ID in which the second word is definitely ``Man``.

More logs of same here: ... 320.0.html
who say the first singer was Tom Petty, but no one says anything about the ``--- Man`` ID (Hauser-OK)

4100.124-CW, Dec 20 at 0143, ``ZN``, the Zebra beacon, sending nothing but ID about 14 x per minute, barely audible. Last time I heard November 1, it was on about 4066, and back in February on 4070. I frequently scan this region but rarely hear any of these (Hauser-OK)



None reported

None reported


The other day I was walking back to my car at a Chicagoland megamall and 2 women were walking about 20 meters (65feet) ahead of me. When they passed the back of my car the one said to the other "Commander Bunny for president?" I quietly got into my car and left. (Hassig-IL)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - - - Dave


Electronic Mail Addresses for stations

73’s & good hunting…

John Poet
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