Free Radio Weekly # 1140 January 13, 2018

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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Free Radio Weekly # 1140 January 13, 2018

Post by JohnPoet » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:32 am

Free Radio Weekly # 1140 January 13, 2018

Covering Free Radio Activity from Jan 6 – Jan 12

Saturdays at 0000 UTC (Friday night in North America

Editor This Week: Dave Turnick


Harold Frodge (

David Turnick (

Larry Will (

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Free Radio Weekly is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the hobby of listening to Pirates and distributed free to those who contribute.

Please QSL and think good thoughts for today’s contributors without who, there would be no newsletter.

Harold Frodge, 5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642-3156
John Sedlacek, Omaha, NE
Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684 Enid OK 73702


All Times UTC



1810/AM, 0021-0031+, 1/11; Oldies, “Passport Radio on 14-90 & 93.5”. SIO=343 w/CW splash; audio very skippy. Apparently a relay of WKYW Frankfort KY. Tnx to Jtart tip onthe Free Radio Net. (Frodge-MI)


6940 USB / JAN 07 / 2326-2338*. Music by AC/DC and Randy Newman. Weak signal amid high noise. (Sedlacek-NE)

6940 USB / JAN 09 / 0152-0320+. Extended broadcast with wide variety of music genres. Variable signal quality throughout broadcast from poor to good. (Sedlacek-NE)

Cool AM Radio

6940-USB, Jan 11 at 0008, rock music, 0009 synth OM voice repeats several times, ``Mister Crowley, O Mister Crowley`` (sp? pronounced krau-lee), then playing song of that name; 0014 same announcement two or three times, dead air, more music, long pauses, past 0026. These logs ... 754.0.html
heard ID as Cool AM Radio, and Clever Name but started with Cool AM himself in Netherlands reporting hearing it via NH SDR as unID, CNR? (Hauser- OK)

6940/U, 2232-2252+, 1/5; Pop, rap, rock & ID. SIO=353+ (Frodge-MI)

6925.8-.9/U, 2123-2126+, 1/5; Very distorted & drifting downfreq. 2229 back or still there; seems a tad less distorted but still near impossible copy. (Frodge-MI)

6940/U, 0003-0021+, 1/11; Variety of tunes, most cut short; D? at 0009 & 0014; 1st time sounded like Mrs.O’Malley, then like Oh Mr. Tally. SIO=252 peaking o/QRN. (Frodge-MI)

6940 USB / JAN 06 / 0035-0124+. Music by AC/DC, Band of Horses, and Korn. Weak signal eventually lost in static. (Sedlacek-NE)

6940 USB / JAN 06 / 2244-2308. Banjo music and short Eminem clip separated by long moments of dead between selections. Fair-to-good signal/audio. (Sedlacek-NE)

6935-USB, Jan 6 at 0053, pirate music at S9 vs S8 noise level, off at 0059 recheck. Unidentified, and no logs of this at HFUnderground (Hauser- OK)

6940-USB, Jan 6 at 0119, unID pirate rock music somewhat distorted around S7-S8. This may refer to it: ... ml(Hauser- OK)

6770.046, Jan 8 at 0631, trace of modulation, presumed the old-time-radio pirate from a radio museum. No matching logs in HFU, but here`s the most recent one at a totally different daypart: ... ml(Hauser- OK)

1710 kHz, Jan 12 at 0706 UT, soft strumming guitar music, some pirate other than Bâton Rouge LA? 0710 UT announcement sounds like Spanish, and I hear a ``siete`` mentioned, perhaps referring to their FM frequency (not really busted and off?). By 0718 UT voice changes to something more strident, which would be the usual gospel huxter from Radio Retén lo que Tienes. Certainly holding on to what they`ve got, legal or not (Hauser- OK)



None reported

None reported


None reported


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73’s & good hunting…

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