FREE RADIO WEEKLY #1142 Logs from 20 thru 26-January-2018

Pirate Radio's Weekly Email Publication of Station Loggings, QSLs and more.
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FREE RADIO WEEKLY #1142 Logs from 20 thru 26-January-2018

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Covering Logs from 20 thru 26-January-2018 (0.0)


EDITOR THIS WEEK: Harold Frodge [ .='`"``=.


Harold Frodge (

Dave Turnick (

Larry Will (

Send your logs to all editors in case of assigned changes.

FREE RADIO WEEKLY is an e-mail only newsletter devoted to the

hobby of listening to hobby pirates and distributed free to

those who contribute.

WEEKLY DEADLINE: Saturdays 0000Z (Friday night in North America)

To view any "art"; convert to Courier (or non-proportional) font.


Our Contributors...a bunch that knows how to make good use of

free time.

Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642

William Hassig,

Glenn Hauser, PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702,

NRD-545 with ALA-330S, IC-R75, PL-880, random wires

Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing PA 19610-2102,

John Sedlacek, Omaha NE, 2728 N. 45th Ave., Omaha NE 68104-4527

Larry Will, 28723 Ridge Rd., Mount Airy MD 21771,, Icom R75 + G5RV, Tecsin PL-600, 660 &

880 + ramdom wires

Share what you’re hearing;

your log might be somebody else’s UNID.



OUR EDITORIAL POLICY: What editorial policy? Just send your

stuff in, we'll handle the rest.



=+=+=+=+= North American Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=


1/24, 2224-2228+, 6925/U; ID & hard rock. SIO=242 w/rat-a-tat

burst QRM (Frodge-MI)


1/21, 2324, 6950.44/AM; pirate music, seems to go off at 2326.

Captain Morgan Shortwave, per this thread: https://www.,39972.0.html

(Glenn Hauser, OK)


1/22, 0058-0108+, 4065/AM; DJ chit-chat w/pop music, Adele,

Seals & Crofts, et al; sed testing new xmtr on the 75 m.

band; SIO=3+53+ till dropped off

noticeably about 0110. (Frodge-MI)


1/20, 0513:45*, 6940/U; Punk rock tune to ID e-mail & off; SIO=353+ (Frodge-MI)

1/21, 0134, 6940/U; rap music S9+15, 0138 robotic ID as Clever

Name Radio over music; again at 0140 & off. Several scat-

tered logs:

php/topic,39943.0.html & it was back on a couple hours

later in another thread. At first it was adjacent to

2-way Brazuguese on 6935-LSB (Glenn Hauser, OK)

1/21, 0343, 6940/U; fair/poor, S-on with heavy metal tune, ID at

0356, tunes from the early 1960's by lesser known British

& USA groups. Hassig-IL)

1/21, 2246, 6940/U; Clever Name Radio with rap music. Very good,

solid s9 signal. (Will-MD)

1/21, 2308+, 6940/U; Weak signal, high static levels, tough copy.

Barely able to catch station ID. (Sedlacek-NE)

1/25, 0124, 6900/L; The Star Spangled Banner & Foxy Lady by Jimi

Hendrix. Solid s9 signal, very good. Lots of pesky traffic

audible underneath and co-channel. (Will-MD)


1/18, 2331-2336+, 6940/U; Tune-in to Doors tune + bird tweets.

ID @2235 + SIO=353 (Frodge-MI)

1/23, 2340-2344+, 6940/U; rock tunes; ID @2343. SIO=2+53


1/23, 2345, 6940/U; heavy beat rock music from some pirate, good

at S9; 2351 synthyl DJ says it was Iron Maiden, then heavily

produced jingle for ``Cool on the Airwaves``; next song

something about Ukrainian unrest. 2355 refers to website

? --- not sure of 1st word; a human voice

might have been more readable. 0000 Jan 24, full ID with

address says it is a music special,

next something by the group Propaganda. Still going at 0031

recheck. Cool AM is an established Euro-pirate but this is

obviously a North American relay. These say it`s via Clever

Name Radio:

topic,40008.0.html For SSB it sounds really good & here`s

how digitalmod evaluates it: ``Great audio compressed into

3 kHz. Really sounds great on my POLKS :P By the look of

the sideband dance, the music is expertly equalized at &

below 1500 Hz`` Then Cool AM itself replies: ``TnX CNR for

the Relay! Program was made in 2016; it was also airplayed

on the German station Radio Channel 292 (with 292 jingles)

Presentation by DeeJay Samantha Jones! André, CoolAM Radio

ShortWave Transmitters Do It

On Air! (Glenn Hauser, OK)

1/24, 0004, 6940/U; Pretty decent signal, s7/s9 peaks, with an ID

@0005 into the Rolling Stones’ Street Fightin' Man. Faded

way down @0021. Faded back up again a few minutes later

@0037, s7 with I've Got the Music In Me. (Will-MD)

1/24, 0015-0037+, 6940/U; Music by Yardbirds, The Doors, Black

Sabbath, and others. Strong signal initially then later

overcome by high noise floor. Good audio & show.



1/21, 2326, 6935/U; rock singer. This thread says it`s Moonlight


39974.0.html (Glenn Hauser, OK)


1/20, 2243-2315+, 6925/U; Song Surfin" Bird &other Ramones pieces.

Weak signal with fluttery" audio. Signal lost ~2315.



1/21, 2116-2120+, 6960/AM; Oldies. Very weak & QSB to zilch.

ID per HFU post (Frodge-MI)


1/26, 2233, 6940/U; Music by The Doors, L'America. The same song

repeated over & over several times then more Doors songs. ID

"This is Unsuspected Radio six nine forty Unsuspected Radio"

@2246. At 2305, Pink Floyd's The Great Gig in the Sky &

another ID. s5/s7 with excellent modulation. (Will-MD)

1/26, 2235-2248+, 6940/U; Doors tunes to 2243 ID into X-rap.

SIO=2+53 (Frodge-MI)


1/25, 2000-2017, 6925.7/AM; Really weak & mostly "unusable."

Some Stones, Walking in Sunshine & an ID & Hilo, Hawaii

drop. Mostly, though, it was just audible & the music was

difficult to identify. My ears finally said, "No mas!"

(Hunsicker, PA)


1/16, 0046, 1710; normal sounding talk; ECSS helps a little, but

not enough to be sure it`s in English; also a SAH. Besides

the Spanish-screaming RLQT pirate in Louisiana, there`s also

a new TIS station at Bandelier National Monument near Los

Alamos NM, discovered by Tim Hall from his NV/UT Border Inn

recordings. To be sought further (Glenn Hauser, OK)

1/18, 0716, 1710; music with heavy beat, drumming, sorta salsa,

0719 UT segué song sounds Spanish, deep fades, 0754 rouse in

a pause. Probably Bâton Rouge pirate Retén lo que Tienes

(Retain What Thou Hast) in a break from screaming gospel

huxter, but could be some other pirate. (Glenn Hauser, OK)

1/20, 0028-0039:35*, 6940/U; Rap & punk rock; off w/o ID. SIO=353+


1/20, 0254-0305+, 6940/U; Could hear music within heavy static but

unable to ID songs/station. (Sedlacek-NE)

1/21, 0059-0108:04*, 6940/U; Pop/rock/rap; no ID. SIO=353+


1/21, 0207, 1710; slow beat strumming music. Hard to get a fix on

it, but seems about NW/SE, pointing to Bâton Rouge pirate

Retén lo que Tienes (Glenn Hauser, OK)

1/22, 0054-0058+, 6940/U; pop music. SIO=2+53 (Frodge-MI)

1/22, 0357, 6935/U; heavy beat music, S4-S6. At 0414, now stronger

S9 with rock, You`re the Only One, 0415 interrupted & bits

of some more music with cuts, apparently off for good @0419*.

Clever Name Radio was on frequency: https://www.hfunderground.

com/board/index.php/topic,39980.0.html but no reports later

than 0232 & would not expect them to cut around like this

(Glenn Hauser, OK)

1/26, 1135, 1710; soft strumming music I have heard before here,

from Retén lo que Tienes, Bâton Rouge LA? Now there is a

2nd weaker station with vocal music, no doubt both pirates,

but what is the other one? (Glenn Hauser, OK)


Sordid Logs:

----- 1/20

0028-0039 UNID, 6940/U

0254-0305 UNID, 6940/U

0513-0514 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U

2243-2315 Radio Free Ramones, 6925/U

----- 1/21

0059-0108 UNID, 6940/U

0134-0140 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U

0207 UNID, 1710

0343 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U

2116-2120 Radio Illuminati, 6960/AM

2246-2308 Clever Name Radio, 6940/U

2324 Captain Morgan SW, 6950.44/AM

2326 Moonlight Radio, 6935/U

----- 1/22

0054-0058 UNID, 6940/U

0058-0108 Channel Z Radio, 4065/AM

0357-0419 UNID, 6935/U

----- 1/23

2340-2400 Cool AM Radio, 6940/U (continued to 1/24)

----- 1/24

0000-0037 Cool AM Radio, 6940/U (continued from 1/23)

2224-2228 Amphetamine Radio, 6925/U

----- 1/25

0124 Clever Name Radio, 6900/L

2000-2017 Voice of the Rainbow, 6925.7/AM

----- 1/26

1135 UNID, 1710

2233-2248 Unsuspected Radio, 6940/U



Electronic Mail Addresses for Stations:


--780’s, HF
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