Chamberpot Radio 6925u

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Chamberpot Radio 6925u

Post by CaptMarbles » Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:29 am

The best freaking blues on the shortwave putting in a decent signal into Los Angeles.

6925khz USB
SIO: 333

0525 - Chamberpot Radio ID, request for reports on FRN, HFU and by email (
0527 - Mustang Sally...not sure if its the original
0532 - Chamberpot ID "in your radio and all over your face"
0533 - Country-ish track
0536 - "Its the Thank God its Friday show!"
0536 - More blues
0540 - "Thank you for listening" and off

Recording - ... 12011.html

Thanks for the show!

Capt. Marbles

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