Radio Free Whatever 6965 USB was 6955 USB 2302 UTC 8/13/17  

Post your loggings of North American shortwave/AM pirate radio stations here.
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Radio Free Whatever 6965 USB was 6955 USB 2302 UTC 8/13/17  

Post by JoeFLIPS » Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:56 pm

2302- "What Is Love" Haddaway S2-3
2305- "All That She Wants" Ace Of Base  S3-4 signal now
2309- "Hip Hop Hooray" Naughty By Nature
2313- "Show Me Love" Robin S. per Shazam
2319- "Another Night" Real McCoy
2321- Soviet Anthem  
2323- hearing DW talking but signal is under the noise now  
2324- signal just above the noise again, DW talking about "wonderful music"
2325- DW said "Assistant Stavin isn't here right now", talking about the yellowjacket invasion at the RFW cabin
2328- Radio Free Whatever ID into rock music, signal is in and out of the heavy static crashes
2332- RFW ID then DW talking about a ute station on 6955 (I can hear it somewhat underneath you DW)
2335- now on 6965 USB with rock tune OM vocals  S5-6 signal now
2339- RFW ID into "Sugar" ? OM vocals
2347- RFW ID then DW with rundown of tunes played  some S7 peaks
2349- playing a song called "Smoke Machine" (about smoking crack)
2353- "Strangest Thing" The War On Drugs per Shazam  S7-8 signal now with great audio
2359- RFW ID into "Yuk Foo" Wolf Alice
0001- "Less Than" Nine Inch Nails  some S9 peaks
0005- RFW ID then rundown of songs played
0006- shout outs to HFU guys
0007- getting strong UTE QRM now, rock music OM vocals S9 signal and well over the UTE QRM
0012- "Tough" Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs per Shazam
0019- S9-9+ signal now
0024- instrumental music (sounds familiar but I can't place it)
0027- RFW ID into "Metal Baby"
0030- RFW ID into "I Tried To Leave" Dearly Beloved per Shazam
0036- RFW ID with slogan of "broadcasting live from Trump Towers"
0040- signal down to S6-7 with UTE QRM underneath the music, RFW ID and rundown of songs played
0042- signal starting to fade underneath the noise and QRM
0043- signal back up to S7-8 and well above the noise
0048- "When You're Gone" Beaches per Shazam
0049- DW dedicated the previous song to Rafman, said this show is dedicated to Rafman
0052- moment of silence for Rafman (RIP sir  )
0053- "do whatever" and off.
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