Radio Free Whatever 6965 USB 2317 UTC 9/2/17

Post your loggings of North American shortwave/AM pirate radio stations here.
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Radio Free Whatever 6965 USB 2317 UTC 9/2/17

Post by JoeFLIPS » Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:30 pm

2317- Soviet National Anthem then DW with RFW ID  S9 and usual excellent audio
2318- DW talking about some studio troubles he had earlier
2321- "Nothing To Find" The War On Drugs
2326- RFW ID into "Out Of Mana" Brand New per Shazam
2331- RFW ID then DW with rundown of songs played
2332- talk about doing antenna work at the new bunker
2333- "Desire" Everything Everything
2336- jingle ID into "Head Like A Haunted House" Queens Of The Stone Age per Shazam
2341- "No Tree No Branch" Liars per Shazam (strange tune!)  S9-9+ signal now
2345- "Dear Life" Beck
2347- RFW jingle ID into "The Sky Is A Neighborhood" Foo Fighters
2356- RFW ID and rundown of tunes played, for requests and comments on reception tonight
2358- shout outs to HFU guys
0001- "Never Swim Alone" Death From Above 1979
0005- "Basket Case" Bastille (Green Day cover)
0008- "Hammer Drop" Mister Heavenly per Shazam
0011- YL with "whatever" into "Package Thief" Superchunk per Shazam  S9+ signal
0014- DW thanked the op relaying him on 6925 AM tonight
0016- "Going Nowhere" Toma per Shazam
0034- RFW ID and rundown of tunes played  S8-9 signal now
0035- "Photograph" A Giant Dog
0049- "Losing All Sense" Grizzly Bear per Shazam  S9-9+ signal again
0057- "Up The Creek" Tori Amos
0058- RFW ID then DW with rundown of songs played, thanked everyone for listening tonight
0100- "do whatever, have a great Labor Day weekend" and off.
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