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Yeah Man Radio 6925.8 AM 2348 UTC 9/5/17

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:57 pm
2348- nice jazz music  S6-7 and very good AM audio
2352- OM with shout outs to JoeFLIPS, PirateSWL and Sanjay, also mentioned Johnny Walker
2353- "Pennies From Heaven" Oscar Peterson per Shazam
2358- OM talking about the music being played into "She's Funny That Way" Lester Young per Shazam
0000- getting some peskie QRM underneath the signal now
0002- damn peskies getting stronger now  
0003- OM talking about a box set of jazz music that he's playing, giving shout outs again
0004- "One O'clock Jump" Lester Young per Shazam  S7-8 signal now with some S9 peaks
0009- OM said "thanks everyone for checking it out" and "have a good night"
0010- off.