Amphetamine Radio 6925 USB 1651 UTC 24 Sep 2017  

Post your loggings of North American shortwave/AM pirate radio stations here.
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Amphetamine Radio 6925 USB 1651 UTC 24 Sep 2017  

Post by JoeFLIPS » Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:55 am

1651- OM with AR ID into "Breaking The Law" Judas Priest  S1-2
1656- OM with AR ID into a Black Sabbath tune  S1 signal now
1703- OM talking, gave AR ID into "Downtown" Petula Clark
1705- signal a bit stronger now
1708- sounds like a comedy bit with OM and laughter, CW ID
1710- OM mentioned a SSTV QSL then said having some technical difficulties
1711- tone then SSTV
1714- another SSTV
1716- another SSTV
1718- OM with AR ID three times into unknown rock tune OM vocals
1727- hearing music but signal is deep under the noise now
1736- rock music under the noise
1741- signal coming up a bit over the noise with rock music  S2
1755- "Pretty Woman" Van Halen  S2-3 signal now
1758- AR ID into "Hair Of The Dog" Nazareth
1807- CW ID into SSTV
1819- Pink Floyd tune  S3-4 signal now
1823- OM with AR ID and live time check
1824- Star Spangled Banner
1825- tone and off.
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