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Radio Free Whatever 6950 USB 2209 UTC 7 Oct 2017  

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:27 pm
2209- funky instrumental music  S7-8 and very good audio
2219- DW (in a different accent) with shout outs to HFU listeners 
2221- Soviet National anthem
2222- DW and Assistant Stavin on the mics 
2225- RFW ID into "When I Tried" Widowspeak per Shazam
2230- "Whatever Forever" Sego per Shazam  S8-9 signal now
2233- RFW ID then talking about DXing last night and hearing some South American stations on the AM band
2236- "Hands Up Heads Down" Sure Sure   signal faded down to S6-7
2249- "Come Back" Lean  signal up to S8-9 again
2253- "Humpty Dumpty" Acid Tongue per Shazam
2256- RFW jingle ID into "La Dee Da" Foo Fighters
2300- RFW ID then talking about the Foo Fighters and rundown of songs played
2301- RFW ID into "Hint" Pardoner per Shazam  S9-9+ signal now
2303- signal suddenly dropped into the noise 
2333- "Sort It Out" Elovay  tuned back in to a S6-7 signal
2334- gave for reports, "do whatever" then off.