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Tangerine Radio relay 6950 USB 2350 UTC 10/7/17

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:53 pm
2350- rock music OM vocals  S2
2351- OM with Tangerine Radio ID and talk about fatty foods, fried foods, etc.
2352- another TR ID into rock music OM vocals
2357- OM with mention of Springfield, OH
2358- reading a letter from a listener in CA
0001- OM reading reception reports from listeners
0003- country song "Keep Your Hands Off My VCR" ?    S3-4 signal now
0006- parody country tune OM vocals
0009- "I Need A Beer" OM vocals along with waterfall image noise
0011- Tangerine Radio ID and OM reading more reception reports
0012- OM gave the old Hilo, Hawaii maildrop
0013- unknown rock song OM vocals
0024- Raunchy Rick with sign off announcement and instrumental music
0025- SSTV with Pee Wee ID
0028- Rob Zombie tune from the movie House Of 1000 Corpses
0032- instrumental rock music  S3-4 signal still
0038- Black Sabbath tune and waterfall image noise
0039- SSTV
0042- bit of CW
0043- off.