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Amphetamine Radio 6925 USB 2047 UTC 9 November 2018

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:53 pm
2047- came on after Yeah Man with unid rock music S3-4
2049- signal up to S5 now with some kind of noise in the audio
2052- rock song OM vocals
2055- OM talking over the music? heard "Hello" into some piano music that sounds very familiar
2058- "Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" Gordon Lightfoot
2100- don't hear the background noise in the audio anymore
2101- OM "Is the audio better?" (sounds better on my end now) S4-5 signal
2105- OM with Amphetamine Radio ID
2107- two way comms which I can't make out
2109- Beastie Boys tune
2112- OM with AR ID into "Fire Woman" The Cult (can hear something in the background, some type of QRM?)
2118- "Panama" Van Halen
2121- "Mother's Little Helper" Rolling Stones
2124- AR ID and said "high speed pirate radio"
2125- tune by the B52's "Private Idaho"

Thanks for the show! Nice to hear you again