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X-FM, 4085 Khz at 0156 UTC, 12/16/18

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:07 pm
by Oly1959
Hello Redhat. Just got home, not feeling the best. Catching ya here at 0157 with ID and into a track from the Pixies and then Boys of Summer. Signal varies a lot. Noise level in this frequency range again is a S7 but getting peaks hitting a S9 and audio sounding good! Thanks for the show buddy, wish it was better. :|
Update: At 0237, jumped onto the k3fef online SDR which is in NE Penn. and signal is a S9 to 3 over S9 and audio great! Talking about temp being 37 degrees and freezing your fingers. Also chatting about several requests coming up. "Bad Compnay" at 0246. Guess I will listen that way for awhile. Thanks again buddy! Enjoying very much! :D