X-FM 4095 KHz at 0208 UTC, 2/17/19

Post your loggings of North American shortwave/AM pirate radio stations here.
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X-FM 4095 KHz at 0208 UTC, 2/17/19

Post by Oly1959 » Sat Feb 16, 2019 9:25 pm

Hello Redhat. Just joined the party on 4095 at 0209 with "Welcome to the North" playing via the K3fef SDR in Pennsylvania with a solid S9 and excellent audio as always. XFM ID at 0213. Signal at my QTH is just 1 S-unit above the noise at a S9. Also wanted to say thanks for the QSL's! They are awesome!
Now talking about the crappy noise emitting LED bulbs from Walmart at 0218. Also Redhat, could I request a tune from the Clash if possible. Thanks for the awesome show RH! Keep rocking the HF airwaves! :D
0246-Thanks for the shout out RH and for playing "London Calling"! Excellent track! :D
DXing' with a Drake R8A/Afedri Net SDR into a full size G5RV here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Please QSL at solson4508@gmail.com. Thanks and have a great day my friend! "Long Live Pirate Radio!"

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