Board Features: Embed YouTube, SoundCloud, mp3, Images

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Board Features: Embed YouTube, SoundCloud, mp3, Images

Post by JohnPoet » Sat May 28, 2011 2:15 pm

(Some board features may not be available to 'newly registered users' until you have at least 1 approved post, making you a 'regular user'.)

Embed YouTube Videos In Your Posts
To embed your videos, just post the URL link! You don't even have to use the button anymore, although that will still work...

NOT JUST YouTube, but a host of other video sites are supposed to embed via the link. I don't have a list handy, you'll just have to try and see. NO PORN LINKS, ya wiseguys!

(Make sure the video URL does not end with something like
"&relatedorsomething" If it does, cut off everything from the "&" and after it, before you post it. Vids will play in post preview if they are going to work.)

Embed SoundCloud Tracks In Your Posts
Works just like the YouTube button... just POST THE LINK now!

MP3 Player Embedding
Same as above-- just post the link to the mp3 file!

You can set up a signature to automatically add at the end of your posts, which can include links and different fonts and sizes. To set signatures, go to:
User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Signature

I have uploaded several collections of avatars, or you can upload your own avatar if it is a proper size. To set your avatar, go to:
User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Avatar

There are several collections on the drop-down menu.
This site has over 5000 you could download and use:
If anyone knows the location of some other nice avatar collections, please post a link in 'Suggestions' or email us at

Email and Private Messages
To set your preferences regarding Emails and Private Messages, go to:
User Control Panel > Board preferences > Edit global settings
Note: You have to have made at least 3 posts to the board before you can send private messages.

:!: :!: :!: Image Attachments Now Allowed :!: :!: :!:
You can now upload your images directly from your computer to the Free Radio Cafe forum, without using a third-party image host. In fact, we encourage you to make use of this feature, as it should help to avoid the problem of "disappearing graphics" over time, as they will be hosted here instead. This may also improve page loading times.
This board is now set to accept image attachments up to 256 kb file size, limited to 3 per post. The attachment upload option is located below the text box on 'new post'.
Click "Upload attachment > Browse > Add the file" to upload.
After uploading a file, put the cursor where you want the attachment to appear, then click "Place Inline" to add attachment code into your post. Otherwise it should appear at the bottom of the post by default.
**PLEASE, ABSOLUTELY NO ADULT IMAGES (full or partial nudity, basically)**** Violaters may be subject to disciplinary action.

Example attachment:
EX-Sockpuppets.jpg (68.36 KiB) Viewed 19969 times
SIZING: It's best if the size does not exceed about width 700 x height 450 pixels, to be viewable without scrolling.
If they are wider than 800 pixels, the right-hand side may get cut off, or the image will be 'scrolled'.
If you open the image in 'Paint', the "resize" there is quite easy to use if you have something too large.
Other programs do the same, I'm sure.

Another image attachment:
Sockpuppet-wars_4-panel_01.jpg (195.5 KiB) Viewed 19969 times
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