Selecting a Shortwave Receiver, and RX Database

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Selecting a Shortwave Receiver, and RX Database

Post by JohnPoet » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:01 am

The following article covers all the basic information that should be considered in selecting a shortwave radio receiver.

Selecting a Shortwave Radio
"There are many different makes and models of shortwave radios, and they vary greatly in
cost, features, size, complexity, and other factors. There is no one "right" shortwave radio
for everyone. The best shortwave radio for you depends primarily on your listening
interests. However, there are some features and specifications you should look for in any
shortwave radio you consider. They are:

~Frequency coverage: Shortwave frequencies are usually considered those from the upper end of the AM broadcasting band, 1700 kHz, up to 30 MHz. The minimum frequency coverage you should look for is 540 kHz to 30 MHz. Most shortwave radios sold today also tune down to 150 kHz, covering the longwave band."

Read more:


This page gives links to basic information on a lot of different shortwave receivers that can be found today on the new or used markets.

Modern Shortwave Receiver Survey

"Receivers built in the last twenty years are solid state. Solid state means the circuit is composed of transistors and integrated circuits rather than vacuum tubes. The problems of tube aging, such as heat and wear, are not a factor with solid state sets. In fact, most solid state receivers work as well five or ten years after they were made as the day they came out of the factory.
A rating of 1 to 5 stars for the model as a value on the used market.
HHHHH Excellent HHHH Very Good HHH Good HH Fair H Poor.
Please note that this is a value rating, not an absolute rating.
The used price shown is for a typical working unit in good condition with manual. (Prices realized on ebay are typically higher). These informational listings do not represent an offer to buy or an offer to sell."

Shortwave radio receivers which are covered include:

Allied AX-190 and SX-190
AOR AR3030 and AR7030
Bearcat DX-1000
Drake R7 and R7A
Drake R8 and R8A
Drake R8B and SPR4
Drake SSR1 and SW1
Drake SW2 and SW4A
Drake SW8
Galaxy R-530
Grundig Satellit 400 and Satellit 500
Grundig Satellit 650 and Satellit 700
Grundig Satellit 800
Grundig YB-400 and YB-500
Icom PCR1000 and R70
Icom R71A and R72
Icom R75
JRC NRD-345 and NRD-505
JRC NRD-515 and NRD-525
JRC NRD-535 and NRD-545
Kenwood R-300 and R-600
Kenwood R-1000 and R-2000
Kenwood R-5000
Lowe HF-125 and HF-150
Lowe HF-225 and HF-250
Magnavox D2935 and D2999
McKay Dymek DR22C6 and DR33C6
McKay Dymek DR44 and DR101-6
Palstar R30
Panasonic RF-799 and RF-2600
Panasonic RF-2800 and RF-3100
Panasonic RF-4800 and RF-4900
Panasonic RF-6300 and RF-9000
Panasonic RF-B40 and RF-B45
Panasonic RF-B60 and RF-B65
Panasonic RF-B300 and RF-B600
Racal RA6790
Realistic DX-100 and DX-120
Realistic DX-150 and DX-150A
Realistic DX-150B and DX-160
Realistic DX-200 and DX-300
Realistic DX-302 and DX-394
Sangean ATS-803A and ATS-808
Sangean ATS-818CS and ATS-909
Sony CRF-1 and CRF-320A
Sony CRF-330K and CRF-V21
Sony ICF-2001 and ICF-2002
Sony ICF-2003 and ICF-2010
Sony ICF-6500W and ICF-6700W
Sony ICF-6800W and ICF-SW1S
Sony ICF-SW55 and ICF-SW77
Sony ICF-SW100S and ICF-SW1000T
Sony ICF-SW7600 and ICF-SW7600G
Ten-Tec RX-325 and RX-340
Ten-Tec RX-350
Uniden CR-2021
Watkins-Johnson HF-1000
Yaesu FRG-7 and FRG-100
Yaesu FRG-7000 and FRG-7700
Yaesu FRG-8800
This section gives links to basic specs of a lot of classic tube-type shortwave radio receivers. These would be nostalgic and fun to own, but not really suitable for any serious pirate radio or shortwave dxing without some kind of digital frequency readout add-on...

Favorite Tube-Type Shortwave Radio Receivers

Tube-type Shortwave radio receivers which are covered include:
Collins 51J and 51J-3
Collins 51J-4 and 51S-1
Collins 75A-1 and 75A-3
Collins 75S-1 and 75S-3
Collins 75S-3B and 75S-3C
Collins R-390A and R-391A
Drake 1-A and 2-A
Drake 2-C and R-4
Eddystone 670A and 680X
Eddystone 730/4 and 830/2
Eddystone 830/7 and 840
Eddystone 870 and 940
Hallicrafters S-20R and S-22R
Hallicrafters S-38 and S-40
Hallicrafters S-76 and S-108
Hallicrafters S-119 and S-120
Hallicrafters SX-25 and SX-28A
Hallicrafters SX-42 and SX-43
Hallicrafters SX-62 and SX-71
Hallicrafters SX-88 and SX-99
Hallicrafters SX-96
Hallicrafters SX-100 and SX-110
Hallicrafters SX-115 and SX-117
Hallicrafters SX-122 and SX-130
Hallicrafters SX-133 and SX-146
Hammarlund HQ-100 and HQ-129-X
Hammarlund HQ-140-X and HQ-145
Hammarlund HQ-150 and HQ-160
Hammarlund HQ-180 and PRO-310
Hammarlund SP-400-X and SP-600-X
Heathkit GR-54 and GR-91
Heathkit MR-1 and RX-1
Heathkit SB-301 and SB-310
Knightkit R-55A and R-100A
Knightkit Span Master and Star Roamer
Lafayette HA-225 and HA-230
National HRO-60 and NC-46
National NC-60 and NC-98
National NC-109
National NC-121 and NC-125
National NC-140 and NC-173T

National NC-188 and NC-190
National NC-270 and NC-300
National NC-400 and SW-54
Racal RA17 and RA117


Lots of good information on that site.
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