How To Start A Pirate Radio Station: FM Broadcasting

Pirate FM broadcasting: how to start a pirate FM radio station, discuss or review FM broadcast transmitters, FM broadcast antennas, FM amplifiers, audio processing, software, radio station equipment, and issues related to pirate FM broadcasting.
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How To Start A Pirate Radio Station: FM Broadcasting

Post by JohnPoet » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:36 am

How To Start A Pirate Radio FM Broadcasting Station

These links should be studied by anyone interested in starting a pirate FM broadcasting station. Some info is somewhat dated, but they still give a good general overview, especially the first link which is quite comprehensive.

Also, we have some very detailed how-to FM broadcasting manuals, as well as a TON of other stuff in our
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How to be an FM Radio Pirate, Exactly how to set up a pirate radio station

Wired How-To Wiki: Set Up a Pirate Radio Station ... io_Station

Build Your Own Micro FM Broadcast Station

Want to create an FM radio station for your town? It's easier than you think

How-to guides for pirate FM radio stations (VIDEOS) ... ate-radio/

How to start a pirate radio station in London ... on-in.html

Mounting antennas

FM Channel Search (good for finding a usable FM frequency in your local area)
LPFM Channel Search

Find Unused FM Frequencies in Your Area


Guide to FM transmitter range

Low-Power FM Transmitter Circuits

Low Power FM Broadcasting (a good variety of information on using low power for FM)

If anyone knows of other good sources of information, please feel free to reply with your own links.
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