Sources for FM transmitters, amplifiers, antennas, equipment

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Sources for FM transmitters, amplifiers, antennas, equipment

Post by JohnPoet » Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:01 am

Sources for FM transmitters, amplifiers, antennas, equipment

One should bear in mind that if you live in the United States, most US-based companies may refuse to sell you an assembled FM transmitter, as that violates FCC regulations. However, they may sell it in kit form. Other countries may have the same restrictions. Luckily, with today's global internet market, it should be quite easy to find a source in a different country who will be only too happy to sell you what you need in assembled form.

FM Broadcast Transmitters, Amplifiers and Other Equipment

FM Broadcast Antennas ... r+Antennas

FM Broadcasting Equipment on eBay

eBay can be one of the best sources for low-power pirate FM broadcasting equipment, and in many cases you can expect to pay less there than you would buying from the websites above. "HLLY" transmitters are particularly low in price and are sold from China-- but may suffer from harmonics/spurs, so 'buyer beware'. As with any other FM transmitting equipment, they should not be used without a low-pass filter (which may not solve the entire problem). But there are plenty of other makes/models.

The eBay searches below will show what is available at any given time:

FM Broadcast Transmitter ... r&_sacat=0

FM Broadcast Antenna ... st+antenna

FM Broadcast Amplifier ... &_osacat=0

FM Low-pass filter ... r&_sacat=0

Feel free to reply with links to any other good sources of equipment, and I may add them to this post from time to time. This post will stay at the top of this forum.

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Re: Sources for FM transmitters, amplifiers, antennas, equip

Post by Oly1959 » Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:43 pm

Hello John. I came across this site which is also in China. They do have lots of FM/TV equipment from low to high power and good prices. :D" onclick=";return false;
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