WBNY WEBSITE: 28,751 Visitors EVERY DAY!

By Commander Bunny | November 29, 2011

28,751-Visitors a DAY!

59,633 -Pageviews A DAY!

20,799 -Feeds A DAY!

6,409-spiders A DAY!

Who's your Daddy Poet? Commander Bunny is our Daddy! Say it out loud so everyone can hear!


Poet (Gregory Dale Brown) is sad. He's a loser and everyone in Pirate Radio knows it!

Poor sad Gregory Dale Brown AKA: Poet-monkey.  Thought he was the King of Pirate Radio “Blogging”, but sadly he only gets, by his own admission, “900-hits a week”.  Much like his hate campaign to take the fun out of Pirate Radio, he has failed yet again!  Failure in Pirate Radio, FAILURE in Blogging, FAIL-FAIL-FAILURE in personal life living in Mommy’s basement in Lansing, Michigan!  No matter what he does, he humiliates himself and exposes himself to ridicule!  What a sad-pathetic-stoooopid-monkey!

Gregory Dale Brown (who has Nothing to Lose) of 3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, MI is a BIG CRY BABY!

WBNY WEBSITE BEATS OUT ALL “OTHER” PIRATE WEBSITES.  And the hateful ape-humans will whine, they will cry, then they will do what they do best. LIE-LIE-LIE and start more false rumors, create more bullshit gossip and wonder to themselves, “why are we such God-Awful losers?  If they would only look in the mirror it would become obvious!!!  The truth is right in front of them but they refuse to see.  THEY, the trouble-makers, the gossip-queens, the rumor-mongers, the accusation-asshats, are the LOSERS!

Poor Gregory Brown said, "I have nothing to lose" so he started a hate campaign against Pirate Radio Operators.

Poor Gregory Dale Brown of 3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, Michigan said, “I have nothing to lose” after his warning letter from the FCC.  He waged a nasty, personal smear campaign of hate, lies, gossip and rumors against Commander Bunny.  Now he whines to Kracker in emails, “He’s posting my full name on his website”.  DUHHHHH!  Thought you “had nothing to lose??”.  Another one of those “gee I should have thought of the consequences for my actions” moments Gregory?

FACT: Gregory Dale Brown of 3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, Michigan broadcast on the same frequency, 6815 at the same time, every Sunday for weeks on end.

FACT: Gregory Dale Brown of  3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, Michigan lives less than 70-miles from an FCC Detroit Field Office

FACT: Gregory Dale Brown of 3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, Michigan lives two blocks from a licensed Ham operator.

FACT: License Ham Operator and Pirate Hater Artie Bigley was in Communication with James Bridgewater of the Detroit FCC Field Office about “unlicensed Illegal Ham Operators”.

FACT: Gregory Dale Brown of 3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, Michigan blamed Commander Bunny!

NOTE: the Gregory Dale Brown of 3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, MI is all part of the FCC database and public knowledge.   And since Gregory said “I have nothing to lose” in a dramatic moment, we only wanted to make sure he accepted what he so dramatically stated on his blog!  Got nothing to lose?  Then you’ve got nothing to hide!

YOU STARTED THIS  Gregory and now whine about the consequences of your thoughtless actions?


YOU STOP – get your asshat monkey friends (Corq, aka: Guise Faux, HF Underground, Brandon Jordon, Terry Toope, posts on FRC)  to stop and then we’ll stop.

How does that sound for a Peace Treaty?

REMOVE ALL OFFENDING ATTACKS against Commander Bunny, Kracker and his friends…OR


Don’t complain about the “consequences of your actions”! Don’t complain about what is to come.


Say you are sorry and will stop the nasty smear campaign.

STOP THE PIRATE WAR YOU STARTED Gregory Dale Brown, 3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, Michigan!!

NOW the WBNY Website is FRIENDS ONLY! Asshats not allowed!

Now only FRIENDS will be allowed into the WBNY Website.  With a fan base of 28,751 visitors a day, this shouldn’t be a problem weeding out the asshats (Doc John-visits often from Ft. Smith,  Gregory Dale Brown  3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, Michigan, L.T. Easterly New Smyrna Beach, FL AKA: Guise Faux(IP is Edgewater Fl but we know who you are)Terry Toope from Newfoundland and the list goes on and on of asshats who have to have their daily fix of WBNY)  The asshats-trouble-makers, haters, liars and gossips, will be stuck with their own disgusting mess of their own making, HF Underpants, Guise Faux and FRC (900-hits a week) (hahahahaha)

Want to join the cult of WBNY and Commander Bunny?

So easy even ape-humans can figure it out.  Send me (Commander Bunny) an email with WHO you are, WHERE YOU ARE, and WHY I should let you on the WBNY Website.   There is an intense review process, and if you are a liar, fraud, trouble-maker, gossip, rumor-monger or make a lot of false accusations, you can’t be a member.


The HF Underpants (a designation created by Commander Bunny) cult have accepted that they are losers, and savor the taste of their bitterness and ugliness because they can’t participate in the FRN!!!

So any friends of Gregory Dale Brown, 3427 Schlee Street, Lansing, Michigan AKA:Poet, Doc John (Ft Smith NSW), Corq(New Smyrna Beach FL) AKA: Guise Faux AKA: LoreLIE Easterly, Chris Smolinski (Wesminister, MD), Pigmeat (W.VA), Terry Toope (Newfoundland), Brandon Jordan(Memphis area), etc, etc,  you can go fook yourself and not bother!  You aren’t welcome.


The rest of you are welcome!  Send all of the above information, WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOU ARE,  And a detailed explanation of WHY I SHOULD LET YOU ON THE WEBSITE, and a username, email (will not be displayed) and password to:


I should have weeded out the trouble-makers, liars, frauds, scum-bags, asshats, gossip-queens and finger pointers a long time ago!

Pirate Radio doesn’t need them and I certainly don’t either!

Just another cold shoulder to the



 We will take it back from the Monkeys Who Ruined Pirate Radio!

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